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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A Brief Math Lesson for the Intelligent Impaired Liberal Left

Not too much iritates me these days. I have too much to do to pay much attention to the idiots on the left. However, every now and then something catches my eye or my ear and makes me speak up. Usually it's Jerry Springer or Al Franken on Air America spouting off their stupidity, but this time it was Derrick Jackson of the Boston Globe with this great piece of liberal garbage. You can read it here: http://www.boston.com/news/globe/editorial_opinion/oped/articles/2005/09/20/bush146s_uncaring_tax_cut_math/.

A few words of wisdom from the logically challenged Mr. Jackson:

"WE HAVE two wars abroad. Moreover, we must rebuild a Gulf Coast region so thoroughly devastated that had the destruction come from human hostilities, we would have declared a third war. Yet President Bush pretends in a critical way as if nothing happened at all."

They were poor people Derrick, but Bush isn't ignoring the problem; he caused it, didn't he?

'The questioner said, ‘‘And there’s no way to ask the richest people in America to sacrifice.’’'

Of course this is the class warfare game often played by the liberals. Don't the rich get taken...I mean give enough in taxes Derrick?

"In the Bush world, the math adds up very quickly. One More Warlike Cost + Permanent Tax Cuts + Spending Cuts = Working people who will have to pay more money out of their pocket for all the domestic services that will be cut."

What domestic service Derrick? What service does the federal government provide that we DON'T PAY FOR ALREADY? Oh, you mean for those that don't work and make an income, those on welfare, are going to have to pay for something? I am appalled. You mean, since they already take MY money and give to these people, that they don't want to take MORE of MY money and provide those deadbeats with another program? Is that what you're talking about Derrick?

"According to Richard Kogan, a senior fellow at the liberal Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a think tank that studies the impact of budgetary policy on Americans, Bush and his fellow Republicans have already given away $906 billion in tax cuts since 2001. If Bush were to get all the tax cut extensions that he wants, the cost to the federal treasury, if they were to be in effect through 2015, would be $3.7 trillion without interest, $5.1 trillion with interest."

There are so many wrong things in this babble on so many levels I don't know where to start. Yes I do. At least you admit your references are LIBERAL. A liberal think tank is like an oxymoron isn't it? "Liberal" and "think" don't seem to go together.
The idea that the federal government has GIVEN AWAY any money is absurd and shows how incompetent you are in your understanding of what the founding fathers had intended our federal government to be.
The belief that the government has money is a socialistic ideal. The govenrment has NO money. It collects taxes from wage earners, and then disburses those monies for programs. To GIVE money back to the taxpayer is to let the taxpayer KEEP HIS OWN MONEY!
There is NO COST to the federal treasury for taxes not collected. It is the money of the people that EARN it. Do you understand that Derrick? I don't work for the government, but they take my money. Taxes are OUR money, and a tax cut eludes to the money NOT COLLECTED.

"Most people know by now who gets the biggest chunk of the tax cuts. In a report last year, the center found that the average tax cut of the top 1 percent of American households was 54 times the average tax cut of for households in the middle 20 percent — $35,000 compared with $647. In 2004 alone, the 257,000 households that pull down over $1 million a year raked in $30 billion in tax cuts. "

More class warfare here. Let's put some numbers to it. For the year 2000, the top 1% of those that paid income tax, paid 33.6% of ALL individual income taxes collected. That relates to $297 billion. The middle 20% (nice selection), what the hell, let's say the lower 60% of the taxpayers (because that's what you're talking about, paid 7.5% or $67 billion of ALL individual taxes collected. It only seems very logical (so this is where the problem may lie) that the people that PAY THE MOST WOULD RECEIVE THE MOST BACK FROM A TAX CUT.
A few more numbers for you Derrick, the top 10% of the wage earners pay 66.4 % of the total income taxes collected or $587 billion. That 10% represents 14 million people. While the rest, 126 million people pay only 35.6% of the income taxes or $297 billion.
A few more numbers Derrick, the top 1% pay, on average $212,000 in taxes while the lower 60% pay $2,300 in taxes. WOW that's quite a discrepancy there isn't there Derrick? The top 1% pay 100 TIMES MORE TAXES than the lower 60% (that's 1.4 million people versus 126 million people) and you're complaining they received a cut worth 54 times the cut to the lower 60%...YOU'RE RIGHT DERRICK! THAT'S NOT FAIR! THE TOP 1% SHOULD HAVE RECEIVED A BIGGER TAX CUT!!! MY GOD YOU'RE A GENIUS! NICE CATCH! Here I thought you were writing this in the favor of the 60%...my bad.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My apologies

I would like to admit, here and now, that the fiasco in New Orleans is MY fault. All of it. Not just the delayed reaction of the federal government but the whole hurricane. I must get this off my chest...I...still...use...deodorant...spray! Oh GOD, I'm SOOOO SORRY! It was me! I did it! I caused GLOBAL WARMING! Sometimes I sit in my truck and let it idle too! AHHHHHH!!!

Well I feel better. Boy this confession stuff is great! So while I'm at it...

I accepted Bush's tax cut. I caused POVERTY! Sorry.

I drive an Excursion. I NEED OIL TO FILL UP MY GAS GUZZLER! I caused the WAR FOR OIL! Please forgive me.


As long as I'm at it, I'd like to apologize for causing the following in some way or another:
labor pains
the glass ceiling
Scooby Snacks
White Castle
bird flu
Dr. Phil
athelete's foot
Beanie Babies
cell phones
iced coffee
breast implants
reality TV

But I will never, NEVER apologize for Jerry Springer...he's just good people...

Please accept all apologies.
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