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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Hold Them 'Account'able

I was ranting to Cracker the other day about my inability to understand the mind set inherent to many of the left. The subject of discussion was the debacle that is now Social Security. I was opining as to how many liberals just simply refuse to acknowledge the dire straits of this program. How they refuse to admit that it is heading for disaster. That they, themselves will not be the ones to pay for their naivete...it will be their children and their grandchildren. That their inaction will likely cause their offspring to be hit with upwards of a 17% payroll tax... for Social Security alone. Forget what they will be paying by then towards S.S.’s sister disaster, Medicare. And add to that the extra amount in income taxes those unfortunate enough to have had purposely blind parents will then be forced to pay in order to reimburse the money that is being borrowed (read stolen) from the trust fund today. And the worst thing about it all, the very thing that catches in my craw the most, is that this is from the party of ‘for the children’! How in the hell could the ‘for the children’ crowd act in such a patently ignorant way?
Well, right then Cracker looked me directly in the eye and once again blessed me with his infinite wisdom.
“They are the party of ‘for the children, now.” He stated.
Ah. It all fell into place. Over and over I have seen how the left has no concept of the meaning of unintended consequences. Of how they act today on emotion with little regard for how their actions will logically cause future results. And this was the exact same thing. ‘The party of for the children, now’. Perfect.
And this brings me to the point of this post. They need to be held accountable. Those who would chose to ignore the coming problem through ignorance or simply partisan politics must be held to personal responsibility.
So here is how I aim to make just that happen. I am beginning a virtual storehouse for statements made, not just by those in the public eye, but by anyone in regards to the ‘threat’ of saving Social Security. Please post any verifiable quotes in the comment section of this post. I hope to amass a sizable collection that will then be saved not only through the power of the blogosphere, but to my own personal hard drive. Either way, they will be saved for future generations to peruse. And I will make it the very meaning of my waning years to assure they do just that. In five year increments, I will post my collection of gems, where ever I am able. On personal blogs...through blog bursts...in Letters to the Editor...in mailers...forwarded to those in power...really anywhere my evil little mind can think of.
For once, those responsible will be held accountable. Not merely given clemency by the memory dulling fog of the past.
Since this is my self appointed burden, it is only fair I get the party started...

-From thereisnocrisis.com:

When Will The Money Run Out?
It won't. Based on long-term economic projections, the Social Security trust should be fine for 50 years or so. At that point, some experts project that the number of people retiring will demand more money than payroll taxes can provide. Depending on birthrates, immigration and wages, that may or may not be the case. A lot can change in 50 years.

-Paul Krugman:

The annual report of the Social Security system's trustees reveals a system in pretty good financial shape.

-From Bob @ arriannaonline.com:

Social security is taking in 150 billion more per year today than they are paying out, and will be taking in more than they pay out for the next 15 or 20 years. this surplus is to be used to pay out benefits to the baby boomers when they retire.

Even if nothing is done to " fix social security" the trust fund will have enough to pay full benefits for the next 40 or 50 years then can pay out 80% of benefits from ss receipts. Thes(sic) facts are from the CBO, and the social security trustees.

Republican claim there is a crisis that need to be fixed now, to them I ask where is the crisis? to me it would appear that social security is in pretty good shape.

-Dean Baker, economist and co-director at the Center for Economic and Policy Research in D.C.:

Why would anyone want to change a system that works so well?

-Robert Kuttner, opinion writer for The Boston Globe/co-editor of The American Prospect:

'PRESIDENT Bush's entire plan for Social Security privatization rests on the premise that the system is in severe crisis. But a careful look at the numbers suggests that the financial crisis is largely a myth.’
-Senator Harry Reid: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/congress/jan-june05/reid_2-17.html
‘Well, I think it's going to help what we're saying. What we're saying is there is no crisis. This is a manufactured crisis.’
‘We Democrats believe, all of us, that there is no crisis.’

-Rob Simmons, Connecticut Republican Rep.:

Why stir up a political hornet's nest ... when there is no urgency? When does the program go belly up? 2042. I will be dead by then.

-Harold Meyerson of the Washington Post:

In short, Social Security is not facing a financial crisis at all.

Now it is your turn. C'mon, join up and simply post the quotes and authors in the comment section here.
It is about time stupid selfish people are held accountable...Heck, just ask Democratic Senator Robert Byrd (from 2001):

What do we mean in terms of the calendar when we speak of the baby boom generation? I started out in politics in 1946. The baby boom generation began then and there, for the most part, in 1946. That was a good starting point. Ten years from now, when 53 million Americans are expecting Social Security --hear me--10 years from now, when 53 million Americans will be expecting Social Security to be there for them in their retirement, they will remember--they will remember--whether we voted for a budget resolution that failed to address the long-term financing crisis that faces the Social Security program. They will remember, and so will we.

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