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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Unhinged Left and its Emotional Arguments

The left have ways of ending debate on any subject reminiscent of a child who has lost an argument.  They simply start calling you names, they simply cannot understand your argument, they make nonsensical arguments, or they make outrageous claims based on your argument.

Today I tweeted a response to @piersmorgan:

Piers Morgan@piersmorgan
To understand the up-hill battle gun control supporters face in America, watch my interview with Sheriff Chris Nocco:cnn.it/1dRcmhJ - 15 Jan
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 dave dykstra@totalkaosdave1
@piersmorgan U call them gun control supporters, I call them anti-freedom, anti-liberty - 15 Jan

People who want to control my guns are taking away my freedom and liberty.  For you liberal/progressive/socialists, here is your fabled zero sum game; wealth is not it.

Here is @piersmorgan's reply:

Piers Morgan@piersmorgan
Then I call you an imbecile > RT@totalkaosdave1 @piersmorgan U call them gun control supporters, I call them anti-freedom, anti-liberty
 08:26 PM - 15 Jan 14
The name calling begins.

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@piersmorgan @totalkaosdave1 I'll never understand Americans who instantly jump to removal of freedoms and liberty. It's a gun, not slavery.
 08:27 PM - 15 Jan 14
I guess freedoms and liberty only refer to slavery.  It is people like @bigbuse who will blindly follow someone else off a cliff.  Thanks @bigbuse but my freedom and liberties go far beyond slavery. Apparently, @bigbuse does not understand what real patriotic Americans believe.

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@piersmorgan @totalkaosdave1 owning guns is a form of liberty?
 08:28 PM - 15 Jan 14
All I can say to @MP7 is WOW!  And @piersmorgan called me an imbecile...

Tina Coldwell@tinaclean
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@piersmorgan @totalkaosdave1 the US murder rate is 100 times Canada's yet the population is only 10 times that should tell you something?
 08:28 PM - 15 Jan 14
Obviously @tinaclean believes criminals will follow the law.  Silly me.  I thought laws were for the law abiding!  Chicago must have the lowest gun crime rate in the US since it has some of the strictest laws...wait...no, Chicago doesn't. Maybe the criminals were unaware they were breaking the laws...

Then there was one who claimed that if don't want gun control then we wouldn't mind citizens owning nuclear devices...yeah...

That pretty much sums up the left.  As most communists claim, the need to take over the schools, the media and disarm the citizenry are necessary for the institution of communism.  2 out os three ain't bad, but you'll never disarm AMERICA.
totalkaosdave, 3:54 PM