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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Timothy Egan: Jealous Lefty

Timothy Egan is a bit upset. He doesn't like the fact Joe the plumber has a book deal. As Timothy states in his NYT opinion piece:
The unlicensed pipe fitter known as Joe the Plumber is out with a book this month, just as the last seconds on his 15 minutes are slipping away. I have a question for Joe: Do you want me to fix your leaky toilet?

Joe would love for you to fix his leaky toilet, Timothy...if you can. Obviously, Joe has the skills to write a book. Do you have the skills to fix a toilet? We all know how mad you are that someone could just get a book deal simply for being in the public eye. (Have you mentioned Paris Hilton and her music career anywhere in your rants Timothy?) No? Just a little pissed that maybe someone other than a journalist can write a book? It's quite obvious anyone can write an opinion piece for the NYT, or a blog, but getting it read is quite another thing.

But Timothy goes on:
With a résumé full of failure, he now thinks he can join the profession of Mark Twain, George Orwell and Joan Didion.
Actually Timothy, he is joining the ranks of people such as yourself, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and other people thrust into the spotlight by the media.

I would like to question YOU. Why do you get to write a guest opinion piece of the NYT? Why should you get to voice your opinion on something personal to you and pretty much no one else? There are millions of other people from whom I would like to hear who never get a chance to voice an opinion. Something similar to your thought here: "...voices in Iran, North Korea or China struggle to get past a censor’s gate." Voices here in America struggle to get heard right here at the New York Times. There are no consevative voices at the Times (David Brooks is NOT a conservative).

So stop your vitriolic whining. With Obama as president, I'm sure the government will crack down on differing opinions with such things as the UnFairness Doctrine (that should pep you up some).

And just because I am fair, here are some books by Timothy Egan. Let's allow the consumer to decide.

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