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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Vanessa Niekamp, Whistle-Blower Hero

Vanessa Niekamp is a hero. She blew the whistle on improper (can someone say illegal) searches into Joe the Plumber's background by Ohio state employees. However, since she blew the whistle on Obama supporters, the article's title is: Employee Defends Exposing 'Joe the Plumber' Searches.

Gee, we never heard of stories titled: The New York Times Defends Exposing America's National Security Secrets and Making the US Less Safe. I wonder why.

The biggest culprit is Ohio Department of Job and Family Services agency director Helen Jones-Kelley. She received a 30-day suspension without pay. She should have been fired. Not only did she improperly use state computers to find personal information regarding Samuel J. Wurzelbacher, but she also improperly used state e-mail to engage in political activity. I wonder what Barack Obama has to say about this?

But what about Niekamp's boss, ODJFS deputy director Doug Thompson? He forced her to send an e-mail covering up the reason behind the searches into Wurzelbacher. "The e-mail, which was sent to chief privacy officer Rick Copley, explained that the queries into Wurzelbacher were made for child support purposes..." So Mr. Thompson lied. He should be fired as well. However, "Thompson has not faced disciplinary action." Nice going Ohio.

Vanessa, I think you should sue.


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