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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Equality Exists ONLY in Mathematics: Part 1

Originally published at The Wide Awakes.

Are all men created equal? It’s a nice sentiment, however, reality dictates a completely different belief. All men are created the same way, biologically, but the comparisons stop there.

All men are not created equal. This is just basic human nature and called the human factor. Every individual has his/her own strengths and weaknesses, each unique to that individual. If we consider equal opportunity, we could and should conclude that each individual will utilize that opportunity in different and unique ways dependent upon the strengths and weaknesses of the individual. In reality, if each person started life with the same opportunities (education, wealth, values, family life, etc…) each person would not have the same cumulative life, or in other words, the resulting life, benefits, trials, and tribulations of each person would be different.

Imagine, if you will, a simple equation: I + O = L, which represents an individual (I), plus all opportunities (O), will result in the life (L) of that individual. I will forgo anymore of the mathematical equations and try to explain it. We must include time in this equation, so each variable is in the same representative time. For example, at time 1year, the life of the individual at 1 year old will be the summation of the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the 1 year old individual plus the opportunities presented within that 1 year, ad infinitum(I’m trying to keep it simple so far).

If all men are equal, and each individual was presented with the same opportunities, could we conclude that the resulting lives of these individuals will be the same? The equation would conclude that the lives would be the same. However, though opportunities presented may be the same, the resulting outcomes of those opportunities will be different based on the actions or inactions taken by the individual. Therefore, even if each individual was given the same opportunities throughout life, the outcomes of those opportunities will be different and have a different impact on each individual’s resulting life. It is logical to conclude that the life of each individual will be different even if all opportunities presented are the same. In fact, given the human factor, the outcome of any and all opportunities can not be predicted, and the resulting life can not be assessed until that life has ended.

Liberals will then be lead to believe that the resulting life can be altered if some individuals were given more opportunities than others. However, there can never be any assurances, and there will never be any proof that an increase in opportunities will result in a better resulting life. Legislating the resulting life can never work since the variables that make up a life are never equal and cannot be known or quantified.

The Math:
I was thinking in terms of calculus with the summation of each variable from time (t) to the nth (year). O is only constant at death, and O at time (t) is a function of the summations of I at time (t) plus O at time (t). I didn't want to get into subscripts and math; it’s been almost 25 years since my calculus class.
totalkaosdave, 7:59 PM