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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Should Anyone Have ANY Respect for the Boston Globe?

The Boston Globe employees one of my favorite writers, Derrick Jackson. He is one of my favorites, not because his editorials are intelligent, well-written pieces that makes one think, he is one of my favorites because he gives me a LOT to write about.

In this editorial, "What American Sacrifice", Derrick discusses the lack of "sacrifice" by the American people during this Iraq war; a sacrifice of culture, lifestyles, and amenities, for without personal sacrifice from the American people, America isn't really at war, and if America isn't really at war, why are American boys and girls losing their lives in Iraq?

The carnage of Iraqis and the coffins of US soldiers have not yet merited a single national call to sacrifice by Bush.
But there is no hint that awareness is changing our culture.
If anything, the post-9/11 period has resulted in even more hoarding. In 2000, the size of the average American home was 2,266 square feet. Now it is 2,434 square feet, according to Census data, with the highest regional average right here in the Northeast at 2,556 square feet. Our homes are on average double the size of those in other Top 10 richest nations such as Japan or Switzerland according to the New York Times and the United Nations.
This does not even get into SUVs, which need no introduction. It all adds up to a nation that was sucking a quarter of the world's energy and spewing out a quarter of its global warming gases with only 5 percent of the planet's population. We consume more oil than all of the European Union or as much as China, Japan, Germany, Russia, and India combined. But the hot news is not a federal plan to curb our addictions. It is 50-inch high-definition televisions and shootings, muggings and stampedes last November for the new Sony PlayStation 3.
I guess Derrick must really HATE AMERICA to spew this type of assessment. We all remember the sacrifices made during WWII, the saving of gas, the collection of metal, but that was because we didn't have enough of the raw materials on hand to make the necessary weapons and ammunition. Of course WWII also saw a death total of over 400,000 American lives. The number of Americans killed in Iraq is around 3,200 or less than 1% of the losses in WWII. So maybe Derrick would be happy if we at least sacrificed just less than 1% of the amount sacrificed by the American populace during WWII.

But it was not his inept assessment of "sacrifice". It was the timing of this particular editorial tripe. Where is Derrick getting his ideas these days? Hmmm...I wonder...

Courtesy of Tim Graham's Blog at NewsBusters
'The View' on the Pledge: Being Totally Patriotic Means Not Being Patriotic

A brief exchange from the collective intellect of the women on The View...BEFORE Derrick's editorial:

BEHAR: America is not at war. These guys are at war. These girls and boys are at war. The country is not. We have not done anything to indicate that we are at war.

HASSELBECK: What do you mean by that?

WALTERS: We are not sacrificing.

BEHAR: Gas consumption, coupons, you know, stuff like that, volunteering, all that stuff. No one has asked us to do anything. So how can we even say that we are at war? These kids are at war.

HASSELBECK: Well, I think you ask anyone who knows someone there and you definitely feel as though you were at war--

WALTERS: It is, it is since we don't have a draft if you do have someone there, when you see these young people coming back, your hearts go out to them. But, again, most of us are not touched in a personal way. And that’s what Joy has said. You know, we can feel for them and we ache for them.

I'm not saying Derrick is getting ideas for his editorials from the ladies on the view...I'm just saying...
totalkaosdave, 8:59 PM