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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Democrats Don't Want Children to get a GOOD EDUCATION

It's been quite obvious for quite a while that Democrats DO NOT WANT CHILDREN TO GET A GOOD EDUCATION, but here's the proof from the Wall Street Journal.

South Carolina House Democrats on Thursday, "...voted against giving $4,500 vouchers to low-income kids in failing public schools, 56-63, and a companion bill to create more educational options for the middle class failed, 49-70."

Obviously, Democrats want children to remain in FAILING PUBLIC SCHOOLS.

In the end, however, school choice was defeated by Democrats who came out to defend the public education status quo and Republicans (representing districts stocked with parents who have already exercised their choice by moving to neighborhoods with good public schools) who joined with them.

It is also obvious WHY Democrats would not want a good education for the children; an uneducated public must rely more on government to take care of and make choices for them - the LIBERAL MANTRA.
totalkaosdave, 8:03 AM