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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Bad Employees or Bad Management?

Have you ever been dragged into your boss's office because he/she doesn't know what you've been doing? This is clearly a problem with the manager and your productivity metrics. It is even worse if your manager doesn't know what you do, or how you do it, or the scope of your job, or your duties to be performed.

Some managers are hung up on "numbers", and they have some need to see "numbers" increase, even if that's bad news. For instance, increase in crime numbers does not necessarily mean we need more officers, nor does it necessarily mean the current officers are not doing their job. Ultimately, we would love to see ZERO crime, but would that then mean we don't need any police officers? Of course not.

Some managers get stuck in the numbers game because they are not good managers, don't know the job or consequences of particular actions, and aren't smart enough to measure quality productivity levels. But when an employee is faced with this type of manager, a manager that believes he/she is dealing with a bad employee, what should that employee do?

I'll leave that up to you...

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