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Friday, December 16, 2005

I'm Baaaaack...for now

How about a little uncivil old school post...

B: Grandpa, tell me about the great Uncivil War.

G: Ok little Billy; pull up a chair. It all started a long time ago, right after President Hillary was elected. You know Billy; she was the first woman President, even before President Brittany and President Paris. Any who, within her first 100 days of office, she raised taxes on the rich to over 75% and eliminated private health care.

B: Wow Grandpa! Didn’t she think the rich would revolt?

G: Of course not Billy, she was what was once called a progressive-liberal. They never looked at or expected the unintended consequences of their actions.

B: Well why would she do something like that?

G: Well Billy, like all progressive-liberals, she was a socialist. She reasoned that socialism didn’t work in the past because there was no wealth to distribute, but now that capitalism created a lot of wealth, she figured she could forcibly take and distribute that wealth.

B: Couldn’t she see that she was destroying something that created the wealth in the first place? Where did she think new wealth was going to come from?

G: As I said Billy, she was a progressive-liberal, and they didn’t think…of the unintended consequences. They just did what felt good at the time, never looking into the future.

B: Then what happened Grandpa?

G: That’s when the war broke out. Well, it wasn’t really a war. The progressive-liberals also didn’t believe in guns, or war for that matter. The conservatives and the NRA had a field day picking off the PL’s at the abortion clinics and ACLU meetings. Gosh, those were fun times. Winging a PL just to hear him yell, “I’m hit, socialized medicine, SOCIALIZED MEDICINE!” (Grandpa chuckles.)

B: Why would progressive-liberals want to start a war when they knew nothing about war or how to fight one? It sounds ridiculous to me. I think you’re making this up just to tease me.

G: If only I were little Billy, but as I keep saying, the progressive-liberals didn’t think. That was their biggest mistake.

B: Now can you tell me the story of progressive-liberal General Custer, and how he wanted to negotiate a peace with the Indians at Little Big Horn, and how the bush conservative Sitting Bull killed him anyway? Can you tell me that one grandpa?

G: Sure Little Billy, once upon a time…
totalkaosdave, 6:50 PM