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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Derrick Jackson is at it again

I’ve never met Derrick Jackson from the Boston Globe, but I am a fan. If you look at some of my previous posts, you’ll see why I am fascinated by this individual. It is clearly not his intellect or wisdom, rather his tenacity to continuously print his retarded dribble.

I honestly don’t know what path to logical thought and reason he takes, but it is obviously the path less traveled. Sometimes I don’t think he has a final destination in mind.

Let’s take his latest foray into the great unknown called correlation. In his article, “For plasma TVs and luxury vacations, lives are lost”, (http://www.boston.com/news/globe/editorial_opinion/oped/articles/2005/12/21/for_plasma_tvs_and_luxury_vacations_lives_are_lost/), in the Boston Globe, December 21, 2005, Derrick tries to correlate the war in Iraq and expenditures on leisure by the public. For example, “The truth, magnified by the materialistic marketing of the holiday season, is embarrassing for a nation that loves to talk about military sacrifice. While the sons and daughters of the middle and lower classes die in Iraq, the wealthy count their toys, literally.” Ahh, the class warfare argument is always handy for the communists. Obviously, only poor and middle class people join the army because they have no other alternative in a “Bush” society. Let’s not bring in the possibility that these people are serving because they feel it their duty, or have a sense of duty to their country, or feel like giving something back to their country for the rights and freedoms they have, and they wish to spread those rights and freedoms to the oppressed elsewhere in the world.

Then he gets right into the class warfare with: “The top 20 percent of households in terms of income -- the households Bush and the Republicans want to give so much of their tax cuts to -- spend an average of $4,516 a year on entertainment according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That is more than:
The $2,121 spent on education.
The $3,255 spent on clothing.
The $3,606 spent on healthcare.
The $254 spent on reading.
The wealthy spend virtually the same on entertainment as on food at home ($4,503). The biggest increases in entertainment spending were for televisions, radios, and sound equipment.” It’s called discretionary spending Derrick. People spend money on essentials first (or at least they should and would if the government didn’t subsidize their lifestyles), and then they spend discretionary funds on other “luxury” items. I can’t afford a Jaguar Derrick, but I will never condemn one who can, and spends his own money to buy one.

Derrick then comes up with this bit of insight, “Entertainment spending drops dramatically as you move down the quintiles, the quintiles more likely to produce our soldiers.” Again, let’s hammer home how only poor people join the armed forces. Obviously, it’s because they can’t afford a TV, and they have nothing else to do, so why not join the army and “see the world”? If they had a TV and saw the horrendous situation and quagmire that Iraq is, they would never join the army. OH MY GOD! I think I understand. Derrick is saying entertainment leads to knowledge, and IF poor people could spend more on entertainment, they would be more knowledgeable and would therefore NEVER join the armed forces! So intelligence is directly related to the amount of entertainment expenditures! I am sure Derrick is working on the theorem as we speak to be submitted to some professional journal for publication.

One item caught my attention. It is this little piece, “…the bottom 20 percent spend $703 a year on entertainment.” The bottom 20% pay NO TAXES AT ALL! Obviously they have enough money to contribute to the tax base. Let’s RAISE THEIR TAXES (by about $700 a year)!

Derrick finishes this strong piece of writing with: “No one has a problem with enjoying special treats with the family. But the invasion and occupation of Iraq is headed toward its third anniversary. To this day, Bush has not called for a national sacrifice to match the courage of the soldiers dying in Iraq. Not even giving up our plasma TV screens and our video games. He says our soldiers are protecting our way of life. We have yet to question whether it is a way of life worth living.” I enjoy my lifestyle, and I can’t even afford a plasma TV.

I guess I can’t fault Derrick for his completely retarded arguments and thoughts, after all, some editor must give his articles the thumbs up…I want to meet that editor.
totalkaosdave, 6:51 PM