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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A Conversation with the New York Times

R: General! General! A quick question please.

G: Hey, you’re the reporter who said our last conversation was off the record.

R: That’s right General, and it was. It was my "story" that was in the paper.

G: Oh, that’s right. OK, what do you want to know?

R: You’re having problems locating the terrorists and Osama. Why do you think that is?

G: I don’t rightly know. It’s as if they can read my mind. I thought our last operation, you know, the one I mentioned last time we talked, was going to catch them. Somehow, they found out what we were up to. They are amazing creatures!

R: Any leads or operations in the works?

G: Actually, we just got word of a meeting with Osama and some of his boys that will take place next Thursday…

R: Where?

G: In Kabul.

R: Exactly?

G: 124 Maple Lane.

R: House or apartment?

G: Apartment.

R: Apartment number?

G: 3B.

R: So when you enter the main doors you turn to the…?

G: Right. It’s the third door on the left. It has a Christmas wreath hanging on the door.

R: And this raid will take place…?

G: Around 2:00.
R: AM or PM?

G: PM.

R: 2ish…a little before or a little after?

G: We’re hoping for exactly 2:00 PM.

R: I see. And are you going to need a lot of troops or just a couple?

G: We’ll have 24 troops, surround the whole darn place. Hell, we even have a tank coming in.

R: Well, good luck with that operation General. I hope you succeed.

G: This conversation is off the record, right?

R: Yes General, of course. This "conversation" is off the record.
totalkaosdave, 6:12 PM