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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Blind Ethics

Blind Ethics

Blind Ethics are ethical standards best characterized by the belief that the ends justify the means.

In a business setting, people who have “blind ethics” believe that organizational goals must be achieved no matter by what means, even to the detriment of the organization, and they do so with complete and utter disregard for individual rights and freedoms. Ethically, they are blind to all other aspects of the situation. They have blinders on, and the only object in sight is the ultimate achievement of those organizational goals. They cannot see the “big picture”, nor are they willing to see and understand the unintended consequences of their behavior and actions.

These “blind” think and behave this way because they believe there is nothing ethically or morally better than the organization and its goals. They are subservient to the organization and its goals, and they believe that individual thoughts, rights, and freedoms should succumb to the goals and objectives of the organization.

The ethically blind are a detriment; ethically, morally, and legally, to his or her organization. The repercussions from the actions of the ethically blind and the impact on the organization can be far more egregious and costly to the organization than if those organizational goals were not met or achieved.

These are not ethically or morally corrupt individuals, but rather they are misguided on the importance of organizational goals and the methods used to achieve them.

This misguidance can either be fostered by top management and its corporate culture, or it can be deterred, like any other bad behavior, through behavior modification.

So why do these individuals continue to be employed by their organizations? It is simply because they are useful to top management. The ethically blind can be easily manipulated to accomplish organizational goals by means others would consider unethical or illegal. Used in this vein, the ethically blind also provide management with a scapegoat if and when the unethical or illegal methods utilized to achieve organizational goals are discovered and brought to light making management disavow his or her methodology, and discipline the perpetrator.
totalkaosdave, 8:21 AM