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Sunday, August 28, 2005

My time blogging at Air America's Blog

I love liberals, especially with a nice Chianti. My last post seemed to hit a few liberal nerves. Ordinarily, liberals stay away from my site and this was no exception. I posted my entire essay as a comment on Air America’s blog. It was the first comment, so it was hard to ignore, even with the attention span of a liberal, and I did receive some very nice comments, as one would expect from liberals…

Scoopster | 08/23/05 - 07:13 am
Good morning all!

If a troll posts first in the blog, does his post really count as first?

BTW Cracker, I bet you think your buddy Pat Robertson is SO FUCKING CHRISTIAN by advocating the murder of a foreign head of state.

WOW Scoopster, GOOD MORNING TO YOU TO! But come on buddy is that all you got? Apparently not…

Scoopster | 08/23/05 - 07:20 am
OH and by the way, you fucking retard.
No military on earth can defeat the United States military in a conventional war, none. No terrorist, terrorist cells or group of armed combatants can defeat the U.S. military. The terrorists know this.

1) China.
2) North Korea
3) Have you been paying attention? We are getting our ASSES HANDED TO US BY PISSED OFF IRAQI CITIZENS! WHo needs terrorists or a organized military when you have an entire occupied country willing to KILL US!

Hmmm…pissed off Iraqi citizens are kicking our ass…hmmm…a bit over the top I think, perhaps he hasn’t had his coffee yet. My last count was 1900 Americans KIA and tens of thousands of what Scoopster would probably refer to as “freedom fighters” KIA. Hardly an ass whooping, although something tells me Scoopster gets his information from somewhere other than a reliable source. I wonder what goes on in his head when he’s not thinking of bashing America…?

Scoopster | 08/23/05 - 07:23 am
ugh.. I'm waaaay too riled up now. I'm gonna go play some Final Fantasy and calm down. (today's an in-game full moon so maybe I can finally get my Summoner's Ruby!)

OK, I didn’t really need or want to hear that, but when you’re 35 years old, living in your mom’s basement, never had a girlfriend, drinking the liberal cool-aid, Led Zeppelin IV blasting on the record changer, playing video games until Radio Shack opens, trying not to let reality smack you in the face, and your underoos are all in a bunch because George Bush is more of a man than you’ll ever be, I guess Air America blogging makes you feel smart and relevant.

But enough about Scoopster, how about some other intelligent beings blogging at Air America…

MondoBubba | 08/23/05 - 08:05 am
Quote By: cracker
To all the Pacifists, anti-war Liberals, and the Liberal Media;

No military on earth can defeat the United States military in a conventional war, none. No terrorist, terrorist cells or group of armed combatants can defeat the U.S. military. The terrorists know this.

Ummm Cracker, you might not be old enough to remeber this, or choose not to admit it, but the USA has been defeated by an irregular army. I am of course refering to the NLF and the NVA. You might remember a lil conflicted called Viet Nam?

Alright, I’m trying NOT to visualize what his name may represent, so let’s just keep that out of our heads…there. Despite your gibberish writings MondoBubba, I am able to somewhat comprehend what you are trying to communicate (you see, as a scientist, I spent many years studying the great apes and their gruntings and such). As a matter of fact I do remember (add an extra “m”…that is if you can actually read and understand this taunt) Viet Nam. Here are some totals for you:
North Viet Nam – 2,000,000 battle deaths
American battle deaths - 47,410
Iraq battle deaths – 1900

Looks like we kicked some major ass, that is until bleeding heart liberal pussies such as yourself wanted the troops back home before they could finish the war. As you may recall, our retreat cost a couple of million lives to the South Vietnamese.

Is there ANY intelligent life at the Air America Blog…?

swing state grrl | 08/23/05 - 08:51 am
Says cracker: We can only be destroyed from Within

How true that is! We are being destroyed from within by the men and women of this administration who put the corporate interests of the extremely rich above the welfare of the people of this nation.

Ahhh…NOW THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! It was just a matter of time before it became class warfare. The only things missing are “Halliburton” and “this is Bush’s war for OIL!”, but maybe that would be TOO obvious...

Let’s look at another one…

TriSec | 08/23/05 - 08:55 am
Quote By: cracker
To all the Pacifists, anti-war Liberals, and the Liberal Media;

No military on earth can defeat the United States military in a conventional war, none. No terrorist, terrorist cells or group of armed combatants can defeat the U.S. military. The terrorists know this.

The Empire of Japan was two hours away from defeating us on the morning of & December 1941.

(the over-cautious Adm. Nagumo cancelled the third wave, that would have delivered the knockout blow to Pearl Harbor.) As it was, it took 6 months to stop the Japanese advance (Midway) and nearly 2 years to reverse it. (The Solomons Campaign). After that, there was no stopping the USA.

The difference there was clarity of purpose and the unity of all Americans. Oh yes, and something else called "allies". Remember them?

Re-recording history is so liberal; they were two hours away from defeating PEARL HARBOR. There’s a difference TriSec, let’s try and get it right. Even IF the Japanese had destroyed Pearl Harbor, they would NOT have won the WAR (only the battle – if you read something on history and wars, you’ll understand what I’m talking about). Of course if people like YOU would have been President at the time, I’m sure you would have cried like a little girl and given Japan anything it wanted just so it wouldn’t hurt us again…pussy. As the saying goes, it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog…you little Chihuahua.

Could someone with a BRAIN please provide a little healthy debate?

swing state grrl | 08/23/05 - 09:01 am
Cracker's point, obviously, is that we are superior in conventional warfare....

But this is completely irrelevant! If we are fighting an unconventional enemy (which is what Rumsfeld created when he decided upon his strategy of invasion), it doesn't matter how totally awesome our military is under conventional circumstances. It does no good to whine and say "but they aren't fighting fair!"

MY GOD I THINK SHE GET’S IT!!!! That is exactly right swing state girl. This war is being fought in the hearts and minds of the public, and the liberals are the casualties (see my last post). I think we should nuke it all (but that’s just me).

I wonder if other bloggers at Air America are buying into the nonsensical ramblings of these people…?

Yoshosedai | 08/23/05 - 09:10 am
morning all glad i missed the troll, looks like there was some good hunting though, good job!!

YEP! Oh I am so glad he missed me, he would have torn me a new one; I’m sure of that.

I wonder if anyone else out there in liberland has anything NICE to say…?

livingonli | 08/23/05 - 09:14 am
Quote By: mgmonklewis
Did anybody hear the right-wing pod person on Majority Report last night, who sent Janeane over the edge? His answer for everything: "9/11 happened." End of story.

I missed that since I was still on the road too far from an AAR station, but I think a lot of right-wing trolls repeat that. I guess Cracker (his handle fits his brain size) probably follows that playbook.

Guess not…By the way, what is the relationship of brain size to the “handle of Cracker”?

Is there NO ONE here at Air America Blog that cares? Is there none here with intelligent, logical thought? Come on people! Prove me wrong!

NJ Sharon | 08/23/05 - 09:21 am
Good morning bloggerfrenz.
re: Pat Robertson. I'd comment, but I can't say it better than Rachel. Listen to today's show if you can.
As for cracker, I wish I had the time, you poor lost soul. How many terrorists were in Iraq before we shocked and awed them with dead Iraqi innocents and blown up homes?
They don't win because pacifists want the troops home. They win when the troops show up to fight them. If they wanted the troops out of Iraq, they'd stop shooting at them. The terrorists are happy to have us in Iraq, so they don't have to cross the US border from Mexico or Canada, all they have to do is waltz into Iraq, there's 140,000 American targets right there.

I am totally speechless…

totalkaosdave, 7:28 PM