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Saturday, July 09, 2005

The War on Terror

We are currently fighting the war on terror. That means that our enemies utilize terror as their weapon, killing the innocent to instill terror in the hearts and minds of the masses. Terrorists realize they cannot and will not physically kill all of us infidels. That is strategically and realistically impossible.

They can, however, change the hearts and minds of the timid and weak, and this is where and how the terrorists wage their war. When the will to fight this war on terror diminishes, when people start to question our resolve in this fight, when people start to call for our troops to come home, the terrorists win.

This is a war that is fought not on the battlefield as much as in the heart and mind of the people. The only way to win this war is to continue to fight on the battlefield, to believe in your strength of will and resolve, to be willing to fight for the control of your heart and mind and never succumb to fear.

To the liberals that call for the withdrawal of our troops, who blame America and the west for bringing this war on themselves, who believe the lifestyles and capitalism of Americans are to blame, you are victims of terrorism, and if you were fighting this war you would have already lost. By your cries to blame and your cries for withdrawal, you are utilizing the terrorist’s tactics to spread fear. You are fighting this war for the terrorists in the hearts and minds of those you wish to persuade. You are using terrorism without killing, and you do not see it. This same mindset and fear was demonstrated during the Viet Nam war. America did not lose that war on the battlefield; it lost it in the hearts and minds of the public, that same battlefield where you wage your war now.

Spain was attacked by terrorists, and the Spanish succumbed to their fear. They lost. Do you wish to follow Spain down that path? It was their weakness and fear that has now caused the latest attack in London. Let us hope the British will show the same resolve and determination they once showed during World War II. Let it be known that American Conservatives will stand behind their British brethren all the way.
totalkaosdave, 6:14 PM