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Friday, April 01, 2005

Richard Irvin is to Blame for the LIES

Yes Richard Irvin is to blame for all the lies spewing forth from his campaign. He can try and pawn off the flyer fiasco on the printer, but his latest flyer is just more lies. When is he going to stop? Is he getting advice from the tards over at Cross's office? If he is, he's listening to the wrong people. They have done nothing but run a negative campaign, basically because they have no faith in his platform (WHEN YOU CAN'T RUN ON YOUR OWN MERITS, I GUESS YOU SMEAR YOUR OPPONENT).

His latest flyer:

Aurora Water Gets Contaminated with E. Coli
As community services director, Tom Weisner was responsible for informing our citizens of water contamination - however, he failed and allowed our citizens to go uninformed about high of ammonia and the dangerous e.coli.

WRONG! That's a LIE RICHARD! It was EMA and Larry Langston's job to inform the public, and he failed. Weisner's department was the only department working properly during the crisis.

Weisner Quit during Aurora Boil Order
When the going got tough, Tom Weisner quit. Instead of staying on the job and helping state and federal officials clean the bacteria out of our water system - Tom Weisner could not be found for days. When we needed him the most, Tom Weisner quit.

This statement is just RETARDED! It was not the job of anyone other than those in the water department to clean the system, idiot. Tom Weisner's department was running smoothly. Even the mayor wasn't helping clean the system. And if was such a crisis, why did the HR director decide to go to the Dells the day it was announced? Why didn't the Chief of Staff come back from his vacation since it was so urgent? The fact is, Tom was one of the few that did his job, effectively.

Weisner docked pay for being AWOL
Weisner's pay was docked for missing in action during the water crisis for almost 2 days.
Source: Official City of Aurora records obtained via FOIA requests

This shows Irvin's complete lack of understanding of internal operations in the City. Weisner quit 2 days BEFORE the end of the pay period. He received a check for his full amount and then he was cut an amended check - minus the two days he didn't work. He wasn't "missing", and it was a week AFTER the water was deemed contaminated.

It would at least show a bit of intelligence if Irvin got SOMETHING right about Weisner. I fear Irvin is being led astray by Tom Cross's people (and Richard has a couple of psychos working for him too.) The Republican Party has been reprehensible in this campaign and I am disgusted with them. They act just like liberals and that won't do. The Illinois Republican Party has had to endure the sleaze and lies of George Ryan who single-handedly destroyed the party, but instead of rising above the sleaze, the IRP seems to be wallowing in it, not a good way to work your way back into the good graces of the voters.
totalkaosdave, 5:41 AM