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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Excuse me while I Boast

At what lengths will the Illinois Republican Party go to intimidate and harass while recognizing one's right to free speech. It is priceless.

It is amazing to have such POWER over others with mere words, ideas and logic to get a threatening response such as the one I received today. To realize an institution like the Illinois Republican Party is so afraid of one voice; perhaps because I speak the truth, and they know there are millions like me out there. They feel they have to threaten, intimidate and silence that voice. BOY DID THEY PICK THE WRONG GUY!

This is from Charles Degraw at govt_timeclocker@yahoo.com

Dear XXXXXXXX aka Auroracracker,

First of all, allow me to applaud your active participation in the political process and employment of your right to free speech.

However, it is only right that I inform you that every post you have made to every blog and message board has been archived. The archive will be delivered to the Mayor, Mr. Anderson, City of Aurora Personnel Department, and countless others. Further, your time sheets have been requested through the Freedom of Information Act and will be compared against the times of all your political postings.

Have a nice day and keep up the good work.


If anyone wishes to contact Charles DeGraw at govt_timeclocker@yahoo.com, you can email him at govt_timeclocker@yahoo.com. I'm sure he's surfing the net as we speak.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have about a hundred more people to whom I will send this.

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