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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Why Does the Left HATE America?

Why does the left hate America? OK not all on the left, but the liberals, progressives and the Deaniacs. America hasn't changed into some horrid place, some 1950's ttype of Russia. In fact, it is these haters-of-America that are trying to change things. They want gay marriage, more entitlements, rights and privileges to the terrorists and illegal aliens, and now they want to give felons and illegal aliens the right to vote.

These haters want America to appease the rest of the world rather than lead the rest of the world. These haters are more concerned with having the rest of world like us (this includes the terrorists) than they are for our safety here at home. They want to give up our freedom of choice except for abortion.

Air America is backed by the left, by liberals. Their blog seems to cover certain types of stories: what's good for America is bad for Democrats, and what's good for Democrats is bad for America. This was first declared a mantra of the Dems by conservatives in the media such as Rush, and the very sad thing is, the left continues to foster this sentiment. They cannot only seem to help themselves, they don't see anything wrong with it.

A typical AA blog:

Thursday, and the newbie is in the house! by TriSec at 03/10/05 08:00 am
Good Morning, Comrades! :coffee2:
Your loyal Tri-Sec has laboured long and hard to make sure we have a tasty and nutritious blog today...

How's a little Impeachment for breakfast? Anthony Gregory is a writer and musician who lives in Berkeley, California, and is a research assistant at The Independent Institute.

"Calling for President Bush’s impeachment surely sounds seditious to many conservative partisans of the administration and its "war on terrorism."

As they apparently see it, during the relative peacetime of the late 1990s, calling for the impeachment of a Democrat for lying about the whereabouts of his private parts was a public service. But during wartime, to call for the impeachment of a Republican for one of the greatest of all political crimes – that is, the war – is branded treason, or, at best, ridiculed as hysterical anti-American defeatism or simply juvenile white noise."

You probably have heard that the Supreme Court is eventually going to review the legality of posting the Ten Commandments in public places. If there was any justice and truth, every state agency would be required to post a large neon sign with the following message – “We are the state, we murder, we steal, we lie.”
Today's "Celebrity" birthdays include Osama bin Laden, who is 47, and James Earl Ray, who would have been 76. From the Light Side of The Force, Bix Beiderbecke would have been 101. Go listen to some jazz later today!

Only 1,335 days until November 4, 2008! :usa:

Comrades? Osama Bin Laden's birthday?

How about this article on the Supreme Court's decision on the death penalty for minors.

The most important aspect of the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the constitutionality of executing juveniles was its consideration of evolving international views of “cruel and unusual punishment.” The court wisely noted the rising global tide of revulsion against governments killing their younger citizens, no matter what their crime, and ruled that juvenile death sentences in the United States are unconstitutional. Similarly, in the future, the court should heed burgeoning world condemnation of the U.S. death penalty for persons of any age.

I guess our days of constitutional law are numbered.

Yet why stop at ending the death penalty only for juveniles? The United States is also one of a small group of countries, many of which are severe abusers of human rights, that allow the death penalty to be used at all. The United States needs to exit this nefarious club, too.

As discussed at a recent Independent Institute policy forum, “The Death Penalty on Trial,” rising world opposition to the death penalty is not the only reason for ending it within U.S. borders; opposition to this ultimate sanction is also increasing domestically. The principal reason is the incompetence of the government in carrying out the penalty. DNA tests of inmates on death row have exonerated a sizeable number of individuals. Add to this the disproportionate and unfair sentencing of African-Americans to death. Finally, rigorous studies have shown that the death penalty does not deter future capital crimes.

The left wants America to become Europe. The sad part is, the left obviously has not noticed what is happening in Europe; high cost of living, high unemployment, and socialism. Or the sadder thought is they do understand what is happening in Europe, and they still want America to be like them.

What is the motive here? Why would the left want America to be like the rest of the world rather than leading the world? What is so horrible in America that the left wants to change it. It's been the best country in the world, up til now. What's changed?
totalkaosdave, 7:12 PM