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Thursday, March 10, 2005

(What if…) Employers STRIKE!!!

Someday in the future:

Employers across the country have shut their doors to customers and employees in what has become the first known employer strike in American history.

Owners and operators of businesses of all sizes went on strike today citing numerous reasons. One owner stated, “We’re tired of being labeled the ‘bad guys”. We’re only trying to make a decent living for our families and give decent jobs to our employees, and the government and our own employees are out their telling everyone we’re greedy and treat them like dirt. We’re tired of it. If they don’t like the wages or the way they’re treated, they can leave. As far as the government is concerned, they can’t run their own organization yet they want to tell us how to run ours through regulations and legislation.” Another owner said, “We give up. If the employees and the government think they can run a business better than we can, go for it. Be our guest.”

The group, called Business Owners Liberation Party has called for a complete shut-down for one (1) fiscal year. For that year, the owners will live off of their enormous bank accounts. The only employer will be federal, state, and local governments.

The problems:

Income taxes collected will be roughly 90% less than the previous year. FICA and other payroll taxes will also fall far short (roughly 90%) of predictions. Sales tax will also decline since few people will have any money to spend. Goods and services, other than governmental, will be virtually non-existent. Governmental agencies (including federal, state, and municipal governments) will cut down to basic health and safety services only.
Food, gas, oil, and other life necessities will be rationed by the government.

There are currently several emergency bills being introduced in Congress. One bill would propose to borrow money to cover the vast monetary gap in the budget, somewhere between 2 and 3 trillion dollars for the year. This loan would probably come from China since they have one of the largest and fastest growing economies that would be able to handle such a loan. Another bill would implement martial law to keep looting and lawlessness to a minimum. A bill by Ted Kennedy proposes to have the federal government mandate those striking companies to remain open and to appoint a federal overseer at each company. Kennedy, on the floor of the Senate, stated, “It’s time America frees itself from the bondage of these corporations. The American people are tired of being held hostage, hostage at their job, at their low wages, at their inadequate health care. It is time for the federal government to step up to the plate, to assume the responsibility the American people have entrusted to us, the Congress of the United States, and take over the ownership of these corporations. With Congressional ownership, we can employ all people, at a living wage with free health care and free child care. There will no more discrimination; all people of all faiths, age, gender, sexual orientation, and color, will have equal opportunity in a Congressionally owned business.”

One lone voice dissented to Senator Kennedy’s remarks stating, “That’s communism Senator Kennedy.”

Is there a lesson to be learned from this What If…? Businesses and owners have taken a beating in this country, from the liberals, from the government, and from the Democrats. The belief on the left is that owners are rich and treat their employees poorly, pay them low wages, and generally do not care for them. The consensus on the left is that these rich owners gain their wealth on the labors of the poor. The fact is anyone can own a business. Anyone can become wealthy in this country. Businesses not only benefit the owners, but the workers as well. Workers enjoy employment as long as they are a benefit to the company and the business is successful. A successful business is one that controls costs and has a market for its goods and services at competitive prices. Controlling costs is imperative and has a direct relationship with employee compensation packages.

The fact is a worker needs a place to work, a job to do, and fair market compensation. A business needs competent workers, marketable products, and fairly compensated employees. Without businesses, there would be no need for workers. Do we really want the government to run those businesses?
totalkaosdave, 4:48 PM