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Friday, March 25, 2005

What the Hell is Wrong with the Illinois Republican Party?

Judy Barr-Topinka for Governor? Is that the best we can do? Maybe she would eliminate the sales tax on cigarettes?

I warned Tom Cross about backing people before knowing what they stand for and what kind of people they are. In this post I stated:

Note to Tom Cross: before you back a candidate and make him one of the new premier Republican candidates for the future of Illinois, I suggest you make sure his stance on issues are roughly the same as yours. I would hate to see you guys taken advantage of, but that would be funny.

I love it when people prove me correct. In Irvin's latest fiasco, he blames his opponent, Tom Weisner, for contaminating the drinking water! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What AN IDIOT!
We all received the flyer yesterday. It was so horrendously false it made me laugh. I couldn't believe Irvin was this stupid. Here is the news story from the Beacon News.

AURORA — Mayoral candidate Richard Irvin apologized Thursday for a mailer sent out by his campaign that claims his opponent Tom Weisner was responsible for the contamination of the city's water supply last year that led to a 10-day boil order.

Irvin admitted the information contained in the flier is wrong and blamed the mistake on his printing company. He called Weisner to apologize Thursday morning after the piece started arriving in the mail.

OF COURSE THE PRINTER DID IT! Silly me, I alwways thought the candidate and his campaign made the flyer then had the printer print it. I guess in this case, the printer created all the lies.

The mailer wrongly states that Weisner, as Aurora's community service director, made the city's water too dangerous to drink in February 2004 when he "allowed our water supply to be contaminated with high levels of ammonia and E. coli — forcing a 10-day boil order."

While Weisner oversaw the city's customer service center that fielded calls about the crisis, he was in no way responsible for water quality.

My God, have liberals infiltrated the Republican Party of Illinois?

Weisner said he doesn't accept Irvin's explanation and compared his apology to "saying sorry for sticking that knife in your jugular."

"How can something that's 90 percent false be a simple oversight of a few changes?" he said.

Irvin said the flier was supposed to state that Weisner quit in the middle of the crisis when he was responsible for communicating with the public about the boil order. But the marketing company did not make the corrections to the flier before sending it out, as requested, Irvin said.

So someone in his campaign DID create this flyer as is.

"If there wasn't a clear one-year trend of negatives, you might say this was just an aberration," Weisner said. "This is just another negative action in a long string."

Is this the way the Illinois Republican Party is going to gain a foothold? By supporting an idiot, an immature, dishonest idiot? Tom Cross actually declared this guy a top ten Republican newcomer.

I think this little "slip up" shows his lack of judgment, lack of integrity, lack of honesty, and lack of dignity. It is quite obvious Richard Irvin is too immature to lead the great city of Aurora into the future. His platform of "1 Aurora" is quite different the platform he preaches. It looks like he is more interested in dividing Aurora than bringing it together.

Time to hang it up Richard. And it's time to rethink the Illinois Republican ideology, maybe get some morals and values it can stand for rather than putting this crap in the spotlight. TO TOM CROSS - I TOLD YOU SO!
totalkaosdave, 3:48 PM