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Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Simple Life: Congressional Style

Who can't see Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie portraying Nancy Pelosi and Ted Kennedy and doing a better job? In fact, they may bring some sanity and intelligence to the Senate and House. You see, I don't believe Ted Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi exist. I think they are part of a reality show that started decades ago. Who on earth would believe these two are real Congressmen? Come on. No one is that stupid, let alone two of them.

This is from The Washington Times: "Pelosi, Kennedy and Social Security"

The title alone tells me this is made up.

While there is bipartisan agreement that Social Security has a long-term solvency problem, only Republicans seem willing to offer ideas about how to solve it. So, it is fair to ask: What reform plans are Democrats advancing?

Indeed, Chris Wallace on "Fox News Sunday" asked House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi no fewer than four times for her "plan to solve [Social Security's] long-term solvency" problem, which Mrs. Pelosi freely acknowledged. "The plan for solvency," Mrs. Pelosi finally replied, "is to stop robbing Social Security of its money for other purposes. The plan is to return the money back to the trust fund."

HAHAHAHA, I knew it! Pelosi wants to stop robbing Social Security and return money back to the trust fund! That is funny. This is good stuff. However, it's too absurd to be real. These people have had years to stop spending the trust fund money, long before GW Bush, but now they want to stop that.

Ted Kennedy insisted that the "first" requirement was for the president "to pay back into the Social Security [Trust Fund] all the money he's diverted for his tax program." Solidifying the Democratic position, Mrs. Pelosi said, "We must stop robbing Social Security's trust fund of its money to pay for other things."

This is where the "Senator" gets stupid. You see "Ted", the government doesn't "pay" for tax cuts. That is simple economics that Paris Hilton could quite possibly grasp, at least as much as a "real" Senator should. And Teddy, how much of the trust fund money has gone for your pet pork projects? But now, after...what...90 years in the Senate, you want to stop the spending? This isn't real.
Ted, Nancy, let's be frank. If you're real, then you know you can write legislation to stop the spending; you've always had that power, write, sponsor, and introduce legislation to save the trust fund. Why haven't you done that up till now?

April 15 is the deadline for Congress to approve a budget resolution for fiscal 2006. That means Mr. Kennedy and Mrs. Pelosi have about five weeks to demonstrate the courage of their convictions. Nothing prevents them from crafting their own budget resolution that meets their fundamental test. In other words, they should offer a budget resolution that "stop robbing Social Security's trust fund of its money to pay for other things."

You see, I told you so.

Now, to meet the Kennedy-Pelosi demand -- to "stop robbing Social Security's trust fund of its money to pay for other things"...to protect the Social Security surplus, they would have to propose a total of $610 billion in tax increases and spending cuts for 2006 alone.
Bridging the $610 billion gap with individual-income-tax increases alone would require raising those taxes by 63 percent. Spending too much money on national defense and in Iraq and Afghanistan? Unilaterally withdrawing from Iraq and reducing the rest of the defense budget by 25 percent would require additional budget cuts and tax increases of more than $425 billion.
If the self-righteous demand of Mr. Kennedy and Mrs. Pelosi to protect Social Security's "off-budget" surplus is genuine, then they will produce their own budget to accomplish that. We look forward to perusing the $610 billion combination of annual spending cuts and tax increases Mr. Kennedy and Mrs. Pelosi will need to achieve their goal.

Maybe it's one of those imposter shows where somone pretends to be someone else or they fake their job skills to fool someone. I think the fools for this show are the American people and especially those that vote these two into office.

I'm still waiting for that apology Massachusetts.
totalkaosdave, 5:12 PM