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Monday, March 07, 2005

A Response to an Idiot

God, I love it when liberals prove me right.

This is in support of the “Trickle-Up Theory of Economics” espoused by liberals everywhere. The Trickle-Up Theory of Economics states the more money one can redistribute from the wealthy to the poor, the better for the economy. The economy benefits because poor people, inherently, do not save money, rather spend as much money as they receive, thereby putting that money into the economy which would otherwise be saved by the wealthy.

This is in response to a comment by William Volterman on my Minimum Wage post. (I have not edited this in any way; he really spells this badly.)

His comment was this:

Your wrong and your a moron... rich people save not spend.. giving poor people (ie minimum wage earners) more money is better for the economy because they spend all their money... keeping wages low only gives it to rich people who do not put the money back in the economy... rich bastard

William Volterman

If one were to go over to his blog, Jambalya, and read his post, “Congratulations President Bush…”, he claims to be a “conservative Christian”. I seriously doubt it, but then again, if you read his various posts and comments, I don’t believe he has much of a clue about anything. For all we know, “conservative Christian” to him may mean parishioners bring their own bottle of Thunderbird to communion. Anyhow…

Let’s look at what he says in his post:

1 Friggin moron was suggesting we abolish minimum wage. Thats a great idea. As if poor people can live off their shitty job at McCrappys at the current minimum wage. This moron needs to realize that abolishing minimum wage would create a servant class that is permanently enslaved to the upperclass. No more american dream, unless you have the cash to back it up. I would imagine this person also thinks people are poor because they are lazy and dumb...
By the way... for those of you brainwashed by bushes liberal bashing... liberals can do things like same sex marriage which arent popular... but liberals are about rights... remember social security... its a liberal thing... i dont feel like listing them all but just like when liberals go to far left... conservatives can go to far right... and yes i am a conservative christian... but i dont believe in trampling the rights of others in the name of moral supremacy. If they arent hurting people... let god sort them out.

Spoken like a true Christian conservative.
He claims he doesn’t believe in “trampling the rights of others in the name of moral supremacy”, yet he stated in his comments on my post “rich people save not spend.. giving poor people (ie minimum wage earners) more money is better for the economy because they spend all their money... keeping wages low only gives it to rich people who do not put the money back in the economy... rich bastard”. So he believes it’s OK to trample the rights of rich people in the name of moral supremacy because…their rich. Good argument Mr. Volterman, and a nice flip-flop on your stated belief.

Let’s analyze him a little further. Conservative Christian, he is not. He is a liberal, plain and simple. That explains his income redistribution stance, a socialistic stance by the way. His liberal bias is quickly confirmed by his lack of intelligent, logical thought in his “argument.” His retort is rife with pure emotion (name calling), another indication of his liberalism.

He also doesn’t understand people, rich or poor. He has obviously never read a book on nor has a basic understanding of economics, finance, business, psychology, or sociology. It is clear he has never owned his own business. It is also quite clear he failed to read the post on which he is commenting. If he had, he would have read the various studies and their findings which prove the negative impact of the minimum wage (a negative impact occurs every time the minimum wage is raised.) He can’t argue the facts, so he utilizes emotion.

He clearly doesn’t comprehend a free market, capitalistic society, or the freedom of movement along the socioeconomic ladder by the wage earners. He obviously believes the “American Dream” is working at “McCrappys” ABOVE minimum wage. He obviously believes Social Security is a “good thing”, good enough to brag about it (it makes me wonder, when he is old enough to collect his SS, and it isn’t there, what will he think about it then?). He also obviously believes that government wage control is NOT infringing on anyone’s rights.

Now Mr. Volterman, since studies have shown that increasing the minimum wage increases unemployment while artificially raising the price of goods and services, what do you wish to tell those who lose their job and those who pay a higher price for goods and services? Are you going to tell them it’s for their own good? Are you going to tell them to find another job or go elsewhere to shop? When you impose your bad policies that negatively impact the poor and the middle-class, what reason would you give them for wanting to implement these bad policies?

The best thing about liberals is when you post about their incompetence, there will ALWAYS be at least one liberal who will post a comment and prove me right! And for that, I thank you Mr. Volterman. A bit of advice for you sir, read, study, learn, and get spell-check.
totalkaosdave, 4:48 PM