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Saturday, March 05, 2005

My Jihad

I am starting my own holy war. Alright, it's not really a war, and there's nothing holy about. I'm just tired of all the political correctness crap going on today, and everyone becoming offended by something somebody says somewhere in the world today. GET OVER IT! I'm tired of it!

I'm tired of homosexuals being offended by some guy that makes a comment about anal sex. Hey guys (gays) isn't that what you do? Isn't that the way someone is infected with AIDS most effectively? Isn't that why AIDS is running rampant in the homosexual community, because you guys like to have anal sex? GET OVER IT!

I'm tired of a woman, a heterosexual women, being labeled heteronormative, as if heterosexuality is ABNORMAL! Then, when she declares a woman these days can have a career, kids, and a loving husband, there are some who become offended. Offended of WHAT?! Of TRUTH? Any woman can have those things. It doesn't matter if you're gay, or transexual, or transgender, or ugly, a woman CAN have those things; it's a matter of choice. GET OVER IT!

I'm tired of the media and liberals eliminating the label "Islamic terrorist", as if it's not politically correct. GUESS WHAT GUYS, the MAJORITY of pinheads killing innocent civilians, women and children are ISLAMIC TERRORISTS! These are TERRORISTS that practice the religion of ISLAM and legitimize these terrorist acts by claiming they did it in the name of Islam! THEY ARE ISLAMIC TERRORISTS! If Gandhi had preached hate and told his followers to kill innocent civilians, we would call them "Hindu terrorists" or "Gandhi's Gang of Terrorists", anyway, they would be called WHAT THEY ARE! GET OVER IT!

I'm tired of Dan Rather. I'm tired of him constantly whining about how "those documents are real". He knows the "story is true". Hey Dan, THE DOCUMENTS WERE FAKED! EVERYBODY KNOWS IT BUT YOU! And guess what Dan, THE WORLD IS ROUND! You won't fall off the edge if you go to far! You'll just end up in the same place you started! And a few other things as long as we're at it: Elvis is dead, Bush won, and no one knows what the frequency is! GO home and GET OVER IT!

I'm tired of the Pope and the Catholic church. They declare homosexuality is a sin, yet refuse to condemn pedophilia by Catholic priests! Hell, we'll just move them to another parish without telling anyone, so they can molest more kids, and when someone finds out, we'll just pay them off! Fantastic Mr. Pope! I wonder what God will say when you come face-to-face with Him (and very soon at that). So, until you clean up your own house (of God), as far as homosexuality is concerned, GET OVER IT!

I'm tired of Democrats holding up judicial nominations with the filibuster. Something doesn't make sense to me; it takes 51 ayes to confirm a judge, but 60 votes to override a philibuster! In fact, the filibuster was not intended for president's court nominations; it has specific uses and that's NOT one of them. Now the Dems are pissed off the "rule" of the filibuster may be changed to 51 votes for an override. That way, at least a vote will be taken on the nominations. Hey Democrats, YOU LOST, KERRY LOST, BUSH WON! GET OVER IT!
totalkaosdave, 7:16 PM