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Monday, March 28, 2005

Illinois Republicans Like National Democrats

What is the problem with the Illinois Republican Party? They're comparable to the Democratic Party at the national level. They whine, call names, and have no logical thoughts or arguments.

We've talked about the Richard Irvin flyer fiasco. His constituents are claiming that he apologized already, what more do we want? Well, you can start by firing the guy that made the flyer - someone DID make it that way - not the printer. Someone sent it to the printer that way - the printer didn't change it. It was DELIBERATE. The damage has been done and Irvin thinks all he needs to do is apologize.

Now, over at Illinois Leader Discussion Forum, he has his little pitbull puppies, not necessarily defending him as much as ripping Tom Weisner. A little taste from various discussions:
If Tom Weisner is only concerned about the area where he lives, then why the #%@! is he running for Mayor of Aurora? Why doesn't he run for Prince of Prairie Street?

Vicki, you support Tom's lies and misleading and now we see you support his being a coward. Let me guess, you probably are going to come up with an excuse about Weisner being a draft dodger, too.

Weisner said he CHOSE to leave the city to focus on his campaign. He did so at the time of the water crisis. He has run around claiming the timing is just a coincidence. We know for a FACT that he disappeared and went AWOL during the water crisis, THEN quit. The truth is his departure was related to his disappearance. If he wanted to focus on the campaign, he could have CHOSE to wait until after the water crisis.

Weisner operates with threats and intimidation. He's a dirty, vindictive and disturbed individual.

If Weisner's cronies are successful in winning this election, we have chaos, scandals and investigations to look forward to surrounding the draft-dodging liar.

Garth Algars:
Mule, Half truths will not get you anywhere. Meg Gorecki had many issues that we are all aware of. Richard was never demoted or Fired like you contend the facts are out there and anyone can verify them.

As for crackheads! Only crackheads would back a draft dodger, a quiter, an individual who has no fiscal responsibility (ala the roundhouse debacle, the rubber stamping of the cable contract and garbage contract just to name a few) A guy who campaigns on 'experience' but fails to mention how much that experience has cost the people of Aurora. (millions over 18 years)

Don't forget the fact Tom is a draft dodger!
Tom lies and misleads.
Tom lies.
When things get tough Tom runs and hides (Viet Nam, Water Crisis, just to name a few)
Tom is a stale old fish.

Some classic stuff. Intelligent, well-thought out, logical, emotionless (NOT).

How many time have we heard the liberals scream that Bush "lied" about WMDs? Here, we have the same rhetoric. It makes me ashamed that Irvin claims he's a Republican. I'm not buying it though. If you whine like a liberal, cry like a liberal, and scream lies like a liberal little girl...YOU'RE A LIBERAL!
totalkaosdave, 7:11 AM