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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Illinois Politics

I do not know Richard Irvin personally.

He is running for the seat of Mayor of the city of Aurora, Illinois. It is the second largest city in the state.

I do not know Richard Irvin personally. But he is what is wrong with the Republican party in Illinois.

He has, in the recent past, argued for the use of Eminent Domain merely to increase tax revenues.
So you would take a man’s home through threat of fine or jail if you must, in order to build a Wal-Mart, Mr. Irvin? You would force people out of their homes so McDonalds could sell more Big Mac’s? A life time of mortgage payments declared meaningless for the sake of pushing a Happy Meal.
Worse yet, the area he had in mind does not even fall under the jurisdiction of the Mayor of Aurora. It is outside the boundaries of the city. Mr. Irvin, NASA called, they said that rocket scientist job has been filled.

I do not know Richard Irvin personally. But he must know me, because he thinks I’m pretty stupid.

In his latest insult to all that is Conservative, his office was responsible for mailing a flyer, days before the election, which basically stated that his opponent, Tom Weisner, was responsible for poisoning Aurora’s water supply. Mr. Weisner is a Democrat and thus no great friend of mine, but this is past below board. It is an outright lie.
He later apologized. But he followed up this debacle by claiming that it was the printer where he had sent the document that was in error. I personally saw this flyer and that is just a ridiculous claim. I was born at night, Mr. Irvin, but not last night.

Living in Illinois, I am victim to much inanity from the Left. Dick Durbin is my Senator after all. But unfortunately, in this Blue state it comes from the Right as well.

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