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Thursday, March 17, 2005

A Future Stroll Down Liberal Lane

Ahhh, smell the air, it’s fresh. It’s smelled cleaner since we abolished all internal combustion engines. Smog is almost non-existent now.

It’s a long walk to the communal garden, filled with organic vegetables. We must hurry and gather our share before night falls. It’s cloudy, and without electricity until tomorrow, we need to get back before dark.

When we totally switched to solar power two years ago, we thought we could supply the whole nation. I guess you take the good and the bad. We eliminated all oil consumption and dependency, and nuclear power, so the planet safer. I’m just sorry to see the solar panels cover 14 Midwest states, completely. At least the windmills in the northern, western, and southwestern states take up little usable space; it’s the damn noise that drives people crazy. Unfortunately, states alternate days for usage, and our day is tomorrow.

Friday marks a very special day. It’s Grandma’s 65th birthday. We’ll all miss her of course, but since the aged are a burden to feed and not much help with the manual chores, the communal leaders all agreed that at 65 you’ve outlived your usefulness to the community. I think the number 65 came from history. I once heard that in the old days, when people reached 65 they got to quit working and have the government pay them NOT to work. It sounds amazing. How could anyone allow themselves to be a burden to their community? Well, I heard that society back then was full of selfish people, not thinking about the common good. Oh well, I hope I get a leg. It’s been a long time since I ate any meat. That was on Uncle John’s 65th birthday. Sometimes I wish we could eat other meats, but since the PETA Party has had control of the government, you shouldn’t even bring it up. Sometimes it’s hard to understand how they can beat a man to death while saving an opossum.

I heard it’s going to be a scorcher tomorrow. Between the sun getting hotter and the volcanic activity in the south pacific causing an increase in green house gases, the average temperature is 94 degrees. I heard that North Dakota used to be cold, a long time ago. You would never know it now.

Well, that’s all for now. Paper is scarce since the closing of all paper processing plants, but at least the planet’s cleaner.
totalkaosdave, 8:15 PM