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Sunday, March 20, 2005

A Few Truths that must be Told

Social Security is NOT guaranteed. There is NO guarantee to any amount of benefits from Social Security.

Homo-Normative is an oxymoron, and for someone to think heterosexuality is NOT the norm is just a moron.

Robert Byrd has dementia. He abhors the "nuclear option" and demonizes the Republicans for instituting it, yet he did it himself in the '80's; that hypocritical. Then again, with his dementia, he probably doesn't remember it. I'm sure he had a cross burning that night.

Raising the ceiling on taxable income to save Social Security without increasing benefits to those in the higher tax bracket is INCOME REDISTRIBUTION, a fine socialistic ideal.

Barbara Boxer has not had an original thought to benefit America in 4 years.

Ted Kennedy has not had an original thought to benefit America in 90 years.

John Kerry has yet to realize he lost the Presidential election.

Hillary Clinton has become the "Silly Putty" presidential candidate, able to be molded and used anyway you want.

There is no more "constitutional law" in America, thank you Justice Kennedy.

Free speech is OK as long as it's used to bash America.
totalkaosdave, 7:51 AM