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Sunday, February 27, 2005

You Must Admit Your Problem Before the Healing Can Begin

Liberals are still having a hard time accepting their own philosophy, socialism. Liberals claim to believe in capitalism. They claim they believe in the free market. The problems arise when they talk about their beliefs in areas such as business regulations, labor, and profits.

Liberals believe corporations make too much money. How many times have we heard about the amount of profits made by drug companies? Oil companies? So what do they propose? They want price controls and higher taxes, hardly a capitalistic stance.

Liberals believe most workers are slaves to these corporations, underpaid, overworked. They believe in the minimum wage and the living wage. They want the government to set wages and conditions of employment. One liberal blog wants everyone paid overtime for every hour over 40 worked. Ted Kennedy wants to mandate seven (7) sick days to all employees. Liberals believe the government should legislate employee issues; they want the government to become the HR department for every business. When a business does NOT CONTROL its own workforce, wages and conditions of employment, it doesn’t really run that business, and therefore, doesn’t own that business. This is NOT a capitalistic view of business; it is SOCIALISM.

Government intervention in the labor force is prevalent in Europe, especially in France and Germany, and is a major force in the high unemployment and low productivity these countries are experiencing; to the level that France is rethinking its stance on the 35-hour work week and ample time-off policies.

Before the liberals can start the long road back to a true capitalistic and free market economy philosophy, they must first admit their socialistic philosophy. They must understand the unintended consequences of their business ideas: what would mandatory overtime to everyone, mandatory sick-time to everyone, minimum wage, living wage, price controls, and taxation, do to the business sector and the economy as a whole? It would destroy it. That has been the problem with all socialist economies, the utopian ideal overwhelmed logical thinking, proper strategic planning, and a thorough understanding of the consequences.

It’s time for PRACTICAL APPLICATION. This is a test for all you liberals who believe in the liberal’s ideology I described above. I want you all to start a business under LIBERAL rules, which means wage controls, price controls, taxation, government intervention, legislation, and regulations. I am guessing, it will take less than a year for your transformation, that is, it will take less than a year for you to become a conservative.
totalkaosdave, 2:26 PM