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Friday, February 11, 2005

Socialism, the Democrats New Agenda

If you don't listen to Michael Medved, you should. I don't know how he does it, but he gets the most obnoxious liberal callers. Today was CLASSIC! In his first hour, he discussed the Democrats upbeat demeanor over having Howard Dean as their new DNC chairman. Dean will, allegedly, take the Dems in a whole new direction and NOT back down from a fight with the Republicans. So MM asked his liberal listeners to state what NEW proposals, issues, or positions the Democrats will have or what they would like to see. The NEW issues they want the Dems to address went as follows:

Caller #1: We HATE George Bush!

Caller #2: Bush shouldn't steal our social security.

Caller #3:

Caller #4: The dems should eliminate welfare and stop illegal immigrants from coming over the border.
Michael Medved: Did you know that those are Republican issues? The Democrats don't want to eliminate welfare and they want to give illegals a driving license and the right to vote.
Caller #4: Nuh-uh
MM: Yes, you seem to have republican ideals.
Caller #4: Nope, no way.

Caller #5 was a friend of MM and author of "Axis of Weasels"

Caller #6: We want SOCIALISM, that's what we want.

It was a classic HOUR of radio, and it took an hour to get a liberal to FINALLY admit what their agenda is all about, SOCIALISM.
totalkaosdave, 8:35 PM