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Monday, February 14, 2005

Iraq is Bush’s Biggest Blunder

We all know Bush screwed up Iraq. We’ve heard about the failure to put the appropriate number of boots on the ground over there. We’ve heard about the failure to safeguard weapons dumps allowing insurgents to help themselves. We’ve heard of the failure of the American Army to stifle the insurgency. We’ve heard about the failure to plan, execute, and exit this war. But it’s the failure we haven’t heard about that concerns me the most.

Bush has failed in the WAR FOR OIL! What happened to the OIL? We were supposed to take over the oil fields. We were supposed to take over the pumping, collection, and distribution of Iraq’s OIL. We were supposed to fund this war with this OIL. We were supposed to have their OIL. Where is it!? MY GOD! Can’t Bush do anything right in this WAR FOR OIL!?

Have you seen the price of gas these days? Bush was supposed to cut a deal with the Saudis to lower the price of oil just before the election to ensure his reelection. John Kerry and the Democrats said so, and Bush couldn’t do that right either! This Iraq war is supposed to be about OIL! Yet, the price of oil is still high! Is it Halliburton? Is that it? It is Halliburton isn’t it? They are keeping the price of oil artificially high aren’t they? They are PROFITTING from this WAR FOR OIL aren’t they!?

Excuse me while I go push my Excursion to the grocery store…I need some aspirin (when is aspirin going to be covered under my insurance plan?).
totalkaosdave, 8:24 PM