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Saturday, February 05, 2005

I Love Liberals

Everyone must love liberals. They have fight, determination, and perseverance.

Liberals have compassion: from World Net Daily: "Biden: Consider Iran's 'emotional needs'".
As Tehran raise fears with its increasing nuclear capability, the world must address Iran's emotional needs and agree to a nonagression pact, says Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del. Greenway wrote yesterday: "Senator Joseph Biden said that even if Iran was a full democracy like India, it would want nuclear capability, like India. What the world needed to address was Iran's emotional needs, he said, with a nonaggression pact." MY GOD, they only want nuclear capability! It's not as if they're asking us to PAY for it. Can we not show a little compassion? Do we always have to be the bully?

Liberals are always looking for change and support for that change: From Media Research Center: "CBS Takes on Bush SS Plan: "Takes the Safety Out of Safety Net".
He claims it would guarantee future retirees a nest egg," John Roberts relayed before countering that "as the last market crash proved, investments are hardly a sure thing." Change is hard and difficult to begin with, where would we be without the support of liberals during change?

Liberals always use logic and common sense, and will never succumb to conspiracy theories: From MRC: "A Faked Hug? U.S. Coerced Iraqi Voters? MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Pushes Crackpot Conspiracies".
Unlike Dan Rather, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews at least doesn’t deny that he brings his liberal opinions with him when he anchors the third-place cable news networks live coverage of political events. But in recent days he’s been using his perch to suggest wacky conspiracy theories that might make even Howard Dean blush.
"...the embrace of a mother whose Marine son was killed in Fallujah and an Iraqi human rights activist who braved insurgent threats to vote on Sunday — was cynically engineered by President Bush “to push his numbers on Social Security reform, just to get his general appeal up a bit, a couple of points.” "
"Matthews was also out in far left field a few hours after eight million Iraqis voted in Sunday’s free elections, wondering if our troops had bullied them into making the trip to the polls: “Was there no pushing by American soldiers or coalition forces to make people vote or discourage them from not voting?"

Liberals will never succumb to conspiracy theories, Part II: From Truthout.org: "The Emperor's New Hump", By Dave Lindorff: "The New York Times killed a story that could have changed the election - because it could have changed the election."

"On Thursday, just three days after that first expos'the paper was set to run a second, perhaps more explosive piece, exposing how George W. Bush had worn an electronic cueing device in his ear and probably cheated during the presidential debates. Now, like the mythic weapons of mass destruction that were the raison d'etre for the Iraq War, the Times is thus far claiming that the Bush Bulgegate story never existed in the first place."
"At that point, Dr. Robert M. Nelson, a 30-year Jet Propulsion Laboratory veteran who works on photo imaging for NASA's various space probes and currently is part of a photo enhancement team for the Cassini Saturn space probe, entered the picture. Nelson recounts that after seeing the Salon story on the bulge, professional curiosity prompted him to apply his skills at photo enhancement to a digital image he took from a videotape of the first debate. He says that when he saw the results of his efforts, which clearly revealed a significant T-shaped object in the middle of Bush's back and a wire running up and over his shoulder, he realized it was an important story."

Finally, Liberals know more than our founding fathers ever could. It's a wonder that Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, and the rest of the fathers of our nation did anything right. From Truthout.org: "Feinstein Gathering Co-Sponsors For Bill to Abolish Electoral College", By Matthew Cardinale.
"U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) is currently gathering original co-sponsors for her proposed bill to abolish the Electoral College system for the U.S. Presidential Election, and to replace it with a direct vote for the Presidency, according to Feinstein press secretary, Adam Vogt."
"The Electoral College has been described by critics as confusing, complicated, alienating, diversionary, unnecessary, undemocratic, and moreover, as hypocritical to the fundamental principles of American governance, which has otherwise been a global leader in democracy."
"Far worse, according to 49 state constitutions, the entire sum of Electoral College votes of a particular state goes to the candidate selected by a majority of citizen votes. That is, all the votes do, not just the majority."
"It's because it was set up that way by design. The Electoral College is the institutionalization of the distrust of the majority. No wonder the majority of Americans don't even vote anymore. Is that what Madison wanted? Maybe so."

You have to love liberals...sort of like the retarded uncle you have that nobody talks about...he just drools over in the corner of the room during family get-togethers.
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