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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Democrats are the NEW American Socialist/Communist Party

The labor movement is gaining support from the very liberal media. Here's an article, from MRC, where Katie Couric espouses the virutes of socialist/communist views of labor.

On Monday's Today, Katie Couric conducted a softball interview promoting a Ted Kennedy-sponsored bill to require every employer in America with 15 or more employees to offer a mandatory seven sick days each year. She asked: "So obviously the legislation may be helpful, but the whole mentality of the workplace needs to change as well, right?" Her liberal guest, Linda Meric of the lobbying group 9 to 5, agreed: "The United States is way far behind in terms of the amount of time off that employees get to care for family members, to care for their own health and for other reasons." Couric had no question on the potential cost to employers or any other political or economic objections to the proposal. This wasn't the first time Today promoted European-style regulatory controls on the workplace.

For some reason, liberal believe businesses should be controlled by the government; this is communism, pure and simple. If not complete control, then at the very least, control of the workforce and employee policies. Liberals believe the government should legislate time-off, numbers of hours worked, sick-time, wages and consitions of employment.

If I am wrong, I will surely apologize. However, I believe I am right.

Liberals want government to legislate wages through minimum wage and are now pushing for an arbitrary "living wage." Liberals want government to legislate time-off through the FMLA and are now pushing for mandatory sick-time. Liberals want the government to legislate conditions of employment through the ADA, OSHA, and other agencies and prgrams.

When did our government decide it would be best to become an active partner in every business in this country? What happened to our free market economy, capitalism, and competition?

Now Liberals and unions are pushing for labor rights equal to human rights. How far are we from having government intervene in business decisions such as business closings and mass employee lay-offs? How soon will the government mandate those businesses stay open and those employees stay employed? How far away are we from government controlling or overseeing all aspects of a business? Will we then admit we have become a COMMUNIST COUNTRY?

What happened to a business having the right to succeed or fail on its own merits, management style, and philosophy? When did we lose all respect in the American worker to make the right choices, be responsible for their own actions, and be held accountable for those choices and actions? When did we lose our belief that ANYONE can succeed in this country on their own through hard work and dedication?

We are no longer fostering entreprenuership; we are fostering a society and culture of government entitlements or entitleprenuership or new ways in which to gain government entitlements. We are fostering a government fail-safe plan even though there is no risk to the individual.

When did we start to believe that COMMUNISM will succeed in America? When did Liberals and the Democratic Party become the new American Socialist/Communist Party?
totalkaosdave, 6:37 PM