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Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Cure for Social Security

The cure for Social Security is simple, involves everyone, will be a caring solution that brings people together. The head of this program will be one who has a history of helping others, selflessly and endlessly; her name is Sally Struthers. The name of this new program will be SPONSORSHIP.

SPONSORSHIP will be quite simple. Instead of working people paying a tax that is then re-destributed as a benefit to the retired, upon retirement, the retiree will be sponsored by a working person. That working person will then be responsible for the finances and welfare of their sponsor. This way, the worker will be able to control the amount of money spent on the retiree.

Cable? I don't think so. Golf? Tennis? Casual Walking? No way, costs are too high. Spam CAN be called steak. I'll give you an allowance if you do some chores around my house. Hey, this is getting better all the time. You missed a spot grandma. It's potted meat. Medication? No thanks.
totalkaosdave, 5:52 PM