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Saturday, February 19, 2005

A Brief Lesson for all you Proponents of the Minimum Wage

Minimum wage is not only a talking point for liberals, it is one of their problem areas. They see it as a "value" issue, trying to increase the buying power of those poor people in "poverty". What they continually fail to see and undertsand is the negative affects it has on employment rates and the economy. It does not do what they intend it to do. In fact, the unintended consequences on higher unemployment and not reaching its target audience make this a disasterous policy.

I guess when you're trying to BUY votes with the money of wage earners, the unintended negative consequences don't matter. It's the thought that counts.

Who will really benefit from Maryland's Minimum wage hike?

An analysis of data compiled by the Bureau’s Current Population Survey shows that the average family income of Maryland’s employees who would benefit from a minimum wage increase to $6.15 is over $67,000 a year. Why? Because fully 91% of employees whose wages would be increased by this proposal either live with working parents or another relative, live alone, or have a working spouse.

Just 9% of beneficiaries will be sole earners in families with children, and each of these sole earners has access to supplemental income through the federal and state earned income tax credit (EITC). Research from Michigan State University and the Federal Reserve found that the EITC is far more efficient at actually helping those in poverty than an increase in the minimum wage.

“The proposed minimum wage increase is a poorly targeted attempt to help Maryland’s low income working families,” said EPI’s director of research, Craig Garthwaite. “The vast majority of benefits will not go to poor families and the majority of poor families will not receive a benefit.”

· 41% of minimum wage earners live with a parent or relative · 25% of minimum wage earners are a dual earner in a married couple · 25% of minimum wage earners are a single earner with no kids · Just 9% of minimum wage earners are single parents with kids or a single earner in a couple with kids, and each of these sole earners has access to supplemental income through the EITC.

Do facts and logic have an impact on liberals? Obviously not since they continue to inject bad policies such as minimum wage and the living wage on businesses. All in the name of the common good and helping those that can't help themselves, right?

It's time for liberals to take classes in economics, finance, and business. Maybe then they'll learn that they're doing a disservice to all.
totalkaosdave, 10:40 AM