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Saturday, January 01, 2005

The Truth about Global Warming

It is hard to believe people actually blamed the recent tsunami on George Bush and his environmental policies. They claimed the tsunami was ultimately caused by global warming. It is time to inject some facts in to the discussion.

It seems New York City has grown warmer by graph design but not in fact...

Tony Blair appears convinced by the enhanced greenhouse hypothesis but atmospheric CO2 levels do not fit changes in the CET at all well. For example, from 1695 to 1733, the annual mean temperature rose from 7.25°C to 10.47°C at a time when there was negligible change in atmospheric CO2 - the running mean did not return to such readings until the 1990s. On the other hand, annual mean temperatures fell from 10.62°C in 1949 to 8.47°C by 1963, a period when atmospheric CO2 levels were measurably rising. Greenhouse does not appear to be exerting a strong influence on the CET.

The one thing we did not find is any suggestion of increasing hurricane season severity. The most active period within the Twentieth Century record is the 1930s-1960s with something of a lull subsequently. This is not supportive of the hypothesis that the globe is warming catastrophically or that there are more and more severe storms occurring.

The Atmosphere and Enhanced Greenhouse - What's Going On?

But my favorite: Of course the earth is getting warmer, THE SUN IS GETTING HOTTER!
totalkaosdave, 8:16 AM