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Saturday, January 22, 2005


From Edmund:

Dear Cracker,

I like the passion you have replied to Quizzer’s article. And now I truly believe that Quizzer was right in calling you “followers of a new-born type of fascism – American fascism”.

Just because you have proven all his allegations by your following comments: (my comments to Edmund)

However, I truly appreciate your sincere collaboration with us in proving you being fascist. You do approve all principles of fascism and you are upset with Bush that he’s not following the path quicker. Don’t worry. He will catch up with you very soon and you will have a pure fascist empire for a while before falling down in a deepest ditch of the history. We have seen that with all fascist regimes so far and we will see that with you too.

As for the source of the definition of fascism you could refer to my friend’s blog: bushism2004.blogspot.com – the source of the article that disclosed you so easily. It was amongst the first postings I read in blogspot and liked the logical vision of its author. It is consisted of 3 gorgeous parts. Blogspot is such a lovely thing: I can find here both thinkers like him and entertainers like you.

If it is discomforting to you I can help you out. Th
edmund | Email | Homepage | 01.22.05 - 6:35 am | #

Ahhh, your Whizzer's friend, that explains everything and it was his article, that's explains the nonsensical ravings. I'll have to let my readers know.

I have no problem being called a fascist or anything else you'd like. I do not represent anyone other than myself. Hence, I have no problem saying we should nuke the middle east and take their oil. I need to fill up my Excursion. Your argument still fails in logic and intelligence, but that never seem to matter.

If you want the true definition of fascism, I suggest you look it up, in a dictionary as well as history, which I provided. If you are relying on bloggers to provide truth, you're even worse off than the Whiz.

So let's reflect, you made up a definition of fascism, made up criteria, made up examples,put them all together to conclude there is a new "American Fascism", I can live with that, it's called fantasy. I would expect nothing less from the liberal/socialistic left, from here or abroad.

Oh, by the way, YOUR response has proved every one of my postings and comments regarding not ONLY the liberal/socialists but Whizzer as well CORRECT.

As for America "falling", only time will tell, but as for the next 4 years, Europe and the middle east are going to have to worry of falling to "American Fascism."
totalkaosdave, 7:20 AM