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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Mayoral Race of Aurora

The race for mayor of Aurora is humming along nicely. The primary is February 22, and the rhetoric is flying.

We have one candidate, Jack Cunningham, who really doesn’t “live” in Aurora although he gets his mail at a house he owns in the City. He actually resides at a marina in Seneca, Illinois where he is also developing land. At one forum, he was asked about responding to an emergency, and he actually said that Seneca was only an hour away. Currently he is the Kane County Clerk, and Seneca is in LaSalle County, go figure.

We also have Angel Hernandez, who ALWAYS runs for mayor. He usually gets the homeless vote.

Then we have Bill Wyatt. He is a Kane County Board member. He was appointed to his first post, and he won re-election last time. I guess now he thinks he’s ready to be mayor. He had a cable sports show. It would be similar to Goober and Gomer having a cable sports show. He even boxes challengers. The consensus is he’s a goof. He “plans” to build a new police headquarters, about $80 million and much needed in the City, with the promise not to raise taxes. He is a republican that wants to privatize a lot of jobs held now by union employees (not a good way to get an endorsement from the City employees.)

Next we have Tom Weisner, a 17 year veteran of the City of Aurora workforce. He worked his way up the City ladder to create and implement his own Customer Service Department. He managed hundreds of employees with multimillion dollar budgets. He is my choice for mayor because I think he is, by far, the most qualified to be mayor. He is a democrat, but I don’t hold that against him. As mayor, political party agendas really do not come into play except for labor relations philosophies and taxes.

Finally we come to Richard Irvine. He’s a former Kane County Prosecutor (about 2 years), but according to his fans, in those two years, he pretty much cleaned up Aurora. He’s about 34 years old, very aggressive, pompous, and has always had an eye on higher aspirations. He is a Republican and has had several endorsements from the Republican Party in Illinois. What concerns me the most is his consistent theme of using eminent domain to take private property and give it to developers for “economically blighted” properties; this means properties that are not providing as much taxes as they could if they were something else, i.e. residential to commercial. He has even gone as far as talking to developers about property that ISN’T in the City. He brought this proposal up at a recent event, and the neighbors were quite furious. It is kind of funny, but one has to wonder: is this use of eminent domain indicative of the Republican Party agenda or just Mr. Irvin? Either the Republican Party is for eminent domain to take private property and give it to private developers, or the Party should tell Mr. Irvin that it doesn’t back that platform issue. Whatever is the truth, it is hurting an already desecrated party.

I will post more on the eminent domain issue.

totalkaosdave, 1:36 PM