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Thursday, January 27, 2005

For the Masses: How Dems Really Do Business

A follow-up to my previous post:

Regarding the Democrats of Maryland taxing those evil corporations and subsidizing doctor's malpractice insurance, the evil corporations decided to pass on the tax increase to the consumers. Why? Because that's what businesses do; they maximize profits by passing on additional costs to the consumers. In this case, the additional cost was imposed by Democtrats in the form of a tax.

In this article, Democrats seem to be outraged that HMOs would pass their tax burden on to the consumers.

Democrats, finally realizing the unintended consequences of their incompetent imposition on business, and probably also realizing the backlash from the voting public, has started to blame the Republican state insurance commissioner, of course, "Maryland Democratic leaders yesterday blamed the Republican state insurance commissioner for health maintenance organizations increasing their premiums and not a new tax the Democratic-controlled legislature levied on HMOs this month."

Now, even more frightening is the amount of involvement the Democrats want in the HMO business. "We are absolutely astonished that the Maryland insurance commissioner would give [HMOs] permission to pass along the rates without a hearing," Executive Director Glenn E. Schneider said yesterday. "At the very least, we should open up their books to see if this increase is necessary, and we call upon these groups to do this."

So we have incompetent liberals imposing legislation and taxes on businesses without thoroughly analyzing the situation and the consequences, who then look elsewhere to place blame when those consequences are found to burden consumers. Sounds like typical liberal-socialsitic-Democrat business practices and methods.

totalkaosdave, 8:09 AM