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Sunday, January 23, 2005

A Closer Look at the Mayoral Candidates

A story in the Beacon News today delves a little deeper into the stances of the mayoral candidates.

Richard Irvin just can't seem to help himself when it comes to power trips and eminent domain usage. "Irvin advocates fines and the use of eminent domain when it comes to vacant buildings. After trying to work with a developer, the city should use all of the tools at its disposal to force the redevelopment of blighted properties, he said." I didn't know that just because a building became vacant, it also became a blight.

On overcrowding, Irvin doesn't seem to be so sensitive to the Hispanic community. "Irvin said Hispanics have to be taught how to be self-supportive instead of relying on slum landlords and their families. Part of that is public education, he said." Actually, tHispanics are doing exactly what immigrants did throughout U.S. history; they move in with relatives until they can financially support themselves. There really has been no long-term overcrowding issues with the same individuals.

On code enforcement: "Irvin said the city should be more aggressive in enforcing the ordinances already on the books and go after small and big offenders alike. The city seems to go after small violations while ignoring some of the most obvious offenses, he said." I guess Irvin has never played "POLITICS", that's where friends of the mayor get away with the kind of stuff others couldn't. I'm sure his "supporters" can't wait till he's mayor for their "turn."

More to come...
totalkaosdave, 11:37 AM