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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

A Business Lesson for Liberal-Socialists

OK students, listen up, again. The big evil corporations you love to punish so much by increasing corporate taxes ARE NOT THE ONES BEING PUNISHED! Do you understand that concept? No?

Here is an article from the Washington Times about Democrats raising taxes on HMOs.

'Health maintenance organizations in Maryland have begun passing onto their customers a 2 percent tax on their premiums, just two weeks after the Democrat-controlled General Assembly enacted the HMO tax.
Earlier this month, Democratic lawmakers overrode Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.'s veto of a medical malpractice insurance reform bill that contained the tax, despite his warning that HMOs would pass the tax on to "those who can least afford to pay it." '

"Health insurers such as BlueCross have estimated that the tax will cost them as much as $20 million this year. The increased premiums will cost the average family about $200 more a year."

"The revenue from the HMO tax — about $64 million over three years — will be used to subsidize doctors' malpractice insurance premiums, which have risen nearly 70 percent in the past two years."

'Hospital association President Calvin Pierson yesterday reiterated his support for the Democratic lawmakers' measure.
"The General Assembly did the right thing in overriding the governor's veto," Mr. Pierson said. "It creates a shorter solution to lower physical liability premiums, and it's a good first step in tort reform."'

So we have high malpractice insurance for doctors. These doctors and hospital people complain. Lawmakers attempt to punish HMOs while lowering rates for doctors (government subsidized). Lawmakers raise taxes on HMOs who then pass them down to consumers. The consumers pay the ultimate price and get the proverbial shaft. That's how business works when government gets involved.

Does everyone get that? Raising taxes on corporations means those tax increases are passed on to the consumer. The consumer pays, all the time.
totalkaosdave, 5:56 AM