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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Where's the OUTRAGE

All I hear is how many soldiers are dying in Iraq for an unjust war, war for oil, pay back war against Saddam... This war has liberated Afghanistan and Iraq. Both countries will, after time, come to realize the benefits of democracy.

Yet I have heard nothing of the senseless killings right here at home. The Iraq war has taken roughly 1350 American lives. This is a story on the Chicago Sun Times today. What do these numbers add up to?
"Although they're much more populous than Chicago, they have similar murder tallies: Los Angeles had 456 killings through last Tuesday and the Big Apple reported 466 killings through Saturday." In Chicago, "There were 418 killings through Tuesday."

Let's see 418 + 456 + 466 = 1340 lives in an 11 month period in just 3 US cities. In 1992, Chicago alone had 940 murders.

Where is the outrage from the liberals, or are these lives not political enough?
totalkaosdave, 5:31 AM