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Saturday, December 04, 2004

The Social Security Debate Part II

What in the hell is wrong with liberals? Aside from living in a surreal world, do they ever logically think through any situation before spouting their ignorance? Have they lived too long in their world of academia? Are they so insulated from reality in their world of philosophical theory that they do not even consider the consequences if they (God forbid) are wrong?

I am talking about social security reform.

It is broken. It is yet another liberal social program failure. It seems that every few years or so, it needs fixing, so congress goes about and changes some rules and numbers here and there and waits for the next set of problems to arise.

It is, in essence, a pyramid scheme. If this program was implemented by a private company under the same rules and guidelines, it would be illegal. The major problem was the initial enactment. Congress could get their hands on the money and send it for other things. It was and is an extra bank account from which to plunder.

In 30 years there will be no more money; none. So Bush has recommended new workers setting aside money in an interest bearing account for their retirement (untouchable by Congress). This amount will constitute a portion of the amount deducted for social security. So, under one plan, workers will then still be paying in a portion to social security to fund retirees now, and the rest goes into a private account for their own retirement later. Sounds like a plan.

I, personally, would prefer to keep my own money to invest as I wish for my own retirement. I do not, and will not expect any social security when I retire, so I have been planning. I believe I can do a better job planning for my retirement than the government. But that’s just me.

The liberals on the other hand, do not believe the average worker can or will plan for their future. They want to keep social security as is. The only problem they see, the amount of money needed for retirees, can be easily solved; just raise everyone’s social security taxes. Quite a simple, well thought out plan. One the liberals love to tout, just raise taxes. Raising taxes will solve every problem in the world it seems. Just one problem, I, like millions of others, do not care to pay more taxes to support a bad program; a program whose benefits I, and millions of others, will never see.

So Bush proposes to phase out social security and allow private individuals to plan their own future. To aid in accomplishing this, one proposal is to borrow the money to make up the difference. Liberals think this is just stalling the financial burden and waiting for the next generation of politicians to pay up. Could be. The fact is, however, Congress spent the money; money that belonged to retirees; money that Congress should never have been able to touch. We are paying for their fiscal irresponsibility that has spanned the last 50 years. The money will have to be paid at some point in time.

I say fix the problem now. Interest rates are as low as they have been for years. Borrow the money and fix the problem. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away. Raising taxes is never a viable, fiscally responsible solution.

The liberal’s biggest concern is that once social security is fixed or eliminated, it will no longer be an issue; their issue; the issue they use to scare the elderly with their rhetoric about how conservatives are going to steal it away. Liberals will lose power and control. That is the real issue here.
totalkaosdave, 6:01 PM