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Monday, December 20, 2004

Public Sector Management

To the Editor:

The political rhetoric is starting to heat up in the race for mayor of Aurora. All candidates are issuing their stances on crime, gangs, and “uniting” Aurora. What we are not hearing is how each candidate is going to run the City and handle the day-to-day operations. This is no small task. The City employs close to 1200 people and has a budget of $290 million. It is a business, a big business unto itself and should be managed as such. The new mayor should not only possess and provide vision, direction, and leadership skills, but should also possess and provide the knowledge, skills, and abilities to properly manage the internal operations of the City.

Successfully managing the internal operations of the City is the most important, yet most overlooked, aspect of the responsibilities of a mayor. Internal operations are financed with taxpayer’s dollars and include organizational structure, policies and procedures, and labor relations. Organizational structure will dictate communication flow and the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and data. Without an effective and efficient organizational structure design, these areas will suffer to the detriment of internal and external customer service. Policies and procedures that are logical, clearly written and coherent, and vision-based will make workflow processes efficient and cost-effective. Labor relations based on trust, respect, fairness, and consistency will optimize employee productivity and morale increasing effectiveness and efficiency.

Candidates may formulate ideas and programs but without effective and efficient internal operations, implementation of those ideas and programs will be ineffective and inefficient, and the goals and objectives of those ideas and programs will not be achieved or may be achieved at a greater overall cost.

A comprehensive understanding of the internal operations of the City will allow the new mayor to be flexible and adaptable to the changing environmental conditions and be responsive to the needs and wants of external customers, as well as internal customers.

We will be hiring the next mayor with our vote. We should hire the most qualified individual as we would when filling any position. If we look at each candidate and logically analyze the qualifications of each, who is the most qualified candidate to be the next mayor of Aurora?

Logically, we would have to conclude that only one candidate has the qualifications, the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be mayor, and that candidate is Thomas Weisner.

Respectfully submitted,

The public sector has been allowed to run amok far too long. Public sector leaders have not been held responsible or accountable for inefficient and ineffective fiscal policies. Governments, at all levels, are big business and should be managed as such. Taxpayers should expect the highest return in their investment (taxes), or they should remove those leaders through their vote. It is time for the public sector to change and employ business methods and models, but first, the public must demand that change.
totalkaosdave, 8:16 PM