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Saturday, December 04, 2004

News and Views from Around the World

I could not let this one slip by. So the Oil-for-Food scandal was OUR fault, and Kofi Annan is a brilliant leader of the UN. I never knew.

Hmmm...yet another opinion on the UN.

WOW. Capitalists in Afghanistan already. You have to love it.

Sounds like the BBC has been taking lessons from CBS.

Perhaps now, the rest of the world will start to help us in the war on terror. Terrorists can not be appeased. This is a lesson that seems will be learned the hard way.

This is just a symptom of socialism. I hope the Germans are learning from history.

I guess I will never understand the mind of the suicide bomber. I will just continue to think of them as mindless idiots without whom the world would be better off anyway.

Now I'm confused.

Iran helping Iraq...Iran concerned about the uprising in Iraq...hmmm...interesting.

We object to the murder, but we understand it. If Muslims would just come out and condemn the Islamofascist radicals and their hate crime murders, maybe others would start to believe them.

Same sex problems down under...no pun intended.

totalkaosdave, 9:03 AM