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Friday, December 31, 2004

In Regards to a Response

The main reason why companies feel forced to layoff during a rise in the minimum wage is because they don't want the money to come out of their enormous checks. So, while they are earning more than their work is worth, the "little people" are still getting underpaid for their work.

A true socialistic philosophy. Unfortunately, views like this are common among those that do not know basic economics and business methods and operations. Unless a company is privately owned, corporate officers must answer to the executive board and the stockholders. Those that own stock do vote on issues, even hiring and firing of CEOs. The market will dictate how much these individuals are paid.

Lay-offs are the easiest way to increase ROI and stock prices. It is a short-term solution to financial anomalies. I would not recommend that course of action. Wages of the “little people” are also set by the market. If wages were too low, a company would be unable to hire or retain employees. No one is a slave to a company. Everyone has a choice to work or not to work at a company. Do not blame someone’s personal choice, good pr bad, on a company or organization.

CEOs must maintain profits while maintaining productivity and quality control. No CEO would endanger his own job and reputation by making bad business decisions just to save his own salary (at least the majority). Lay-offs that lower productivity and quality also lower profits and customer satisfaction. That is a bad business decision and is usually avoided.

It's just like in California, where we are closing down hospitals. The hospitals, they say, are no longer profitable. Yet the hospitals are securing enough money to pay the bills, pay the staff, and earn the owners money. It's just not enough money! We're talking about saving lives, and they are only thinking of their bank accounts.

No business will continue to exist if it is not making a profit. It doesn’t matter what business it is. Businesses fill market niches. If there is a need for a hospital, and profits can be made by a hospital making good business decisions, a hospital will be in that market. If a hospital cannot make a profit in that market, it is not due to greed. There are other market forces at work such as litigation costs, non-paying customers, etc. Perhaps your solution would be a state-owned and run hospital and socialized medicine? Why should anyone continue to run a business that is not providing the benefits the owner’s desire? Perhaps you should take over the management of that hospital?

It's sad, and what's worse is that people like you keep propagating these lies as truths.

There are no lies in business methods and basic economic philosophy, only poor decisions. The best part of living in America is that anyone can own and run a business. If you wish to run a business that makes no profit that is your choice. I would love to see the results after 1 year of a business run by you. Would it still be around? It is much easier to criticize a business than it is to run one, isn't it?

totalkaosdave, 8:07 PM