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Monday, November 22, 2004


For those of you wondering, let me start by defining my position. Philosophically, I am a libertarian (for the most part).
I believe in the freedom of choices.
I believe that a person’s successes and failures are a result of the decisions that person makes.
I believe people have the opportunity to move up or down the socioeconomic ladder, and that movement is dependent on the decisions one makes.
I believe the government has the right to tax the populace to pay for the common defense.
I believe that competition and the free market system creates innovation and fosters creativity.
I also believe that the free market system will set accurate prices for goods and services through supply and demand.
I believe the more fortunate has a moral obligation to help the less fortunate.
I believe that taxes belong to the wage earner before the government takes it.
I believe corporations and businesses create jobs.
I believe jobs belong to those businesses and not to the workers.
I believe Jesse Jackson is one of the biggest racists on the planet.
I believe the NAACP and Affirmative Action foster racism and continue to enslave the black community.

I don’t believe the government has a right to take your money, in the form of taxes, and redistribute that money to the people who have made bad decisions in their lives.
I don’t believe health care is a “right.”
I don’t believe the government should create a generational welfare state.
I don’t believe the government funds tax cuts, or pays for tax cuts.
I don’t believe compassion is defined by the giving one their wants and needs, rather compassion should be defined by educating so that one may become self-sufficient and satisfy their own wants and needs.
I don’t believe the wealthy should be punished or scorned for being successful.
I don’t believe a job has ever been created by a poor person.
I don’t believe a President can create jobs.

Now with that said…
totalkaosdave, 9:33 AM