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Monday, November 15, 2004

Just My Opinion

News Flash!!!!!!!!!!

Marines in Fallujah were attacked from a Mosque. Marines returned fire and eventually overtook the Mosque. This was all on videotape. In the Mosque, one Marine points to an insurgent and says "he's not dead, he's faking"; the video goes black, and a shot is heard. The insurgent is now dead.

This news is breaking, but IT HAS BEEN RELEASED. No doubt, there will be an investigation since, if it is true, would be against the rules of engagement. The facts will come out and appropriate action will be taken.

This shows that no one in the U.S., either here or there, in a war or not, is above the law, and that rules and procedures must be followed or consequences will follow.

Unfortunately, the terrorists are not held to that standard, or any standard for that matter. They kill women and children at will, they torture and maim with no consequences. Yet it is this American soldier that will feel the wrath of the world for he is expected to act like a decent human being while trying to fight a war.

The insurgent would no doubt have killed the Marine had the roles been reversed. In fact, the Marine would probably have been taken to a discreet location and tortured then beheaded. There would be no outcry, no outrage. Just a statistic. Remembered only by his family and friends.

I believe it is time to level the playing field. It is war. The goal is to win - the war, not friends. We should fight to win and not worry about being politically correct. The terrorists would do no less. Cameras should be off; reporters should leave. Let John Kerry talk about the atrocities after we win, and Iraq is safe.

I would much rather have a Marine put a bullet in an insurgent's head now, than give that insurgent an opportunity to heal, and be fed, on our dime, only to return to their ways and kill innocent Americans in the future.

May peace and honor be with our men and women in battle. You are fighting more than the insurgents.

But that's just my opinion.
totalkaosdave, 4:44 PM