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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I Hear the Fat Lady Singing in Iowa

Bush won. It's over; it's done. The conservatives came out to vote and protect their American ideals and philosophies; to make sure this country remains safe and secure.

Even with the incredible media support, Kerry could not overcome his own enigmatic character and persona. The number of Bush-haters were not enough to oust President Bush. Kerry needed voters that wanted to vote FOR him, and they weren't there in numbers. Kerry never gave reasons to vote for him, but rather gave us reasons NOT to vote for Bush. This type of campaign was doomed to fail from the start. If not for the media support for Kerry, his campaign would have been in trouble months ago, and Bush would have won close to 60% of the popular vote.

But the Democratic Party took an even bigger hit. A hit to its core values. The gay marriage amendment failed in 11 out of 11 states. Tom Daschel, the minority LEADER, lost. The Republicans will pick up 3 seats in the House, and 4 seats in the Senate. The overall consensus is that the Republicans not only picked up new members, but those members are on the more conservative side.

It seems that the liberal agenda, the agenda of Kerry and Kennedy, is not the agenda of the populace. It seems that the liberals may be a bit out of touch with the majority in this country. Perhaps, as the Democrats reflect on another loss, they may want to think about the direction in which they wish to go, and more importantly, does the majority of the country want to go in that direction also.

No more gloating for me.
totalkaosdave, 6:06 PM