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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Howard Dean's Communist Manifesto

Just think. The far left really wanted Howard Dean to be the Democratic candidate for President of the U.S. If one listens to him, one can discover his socialistic views. At least that's what I originally thought. Then this article came out. I now believe he has communistic tendencies and philosophies. Is this where the left really wants to go? Let's look at some excerpts:

"The media is a failing institution in this country," Dean said Monday at a Yale University forum. "They are not maintaining their responsibility to maintain democracy."

Who authorized the media to maintain democracy? Isn't the responsibility of maintaining our democracy relegated to the voters and their elected officials?

Part of the problem, he said, was an almost complete loss of objectivity.
"You can't read a piece of newsprint very often in this country without being told what to think," he said, according to the Yale Daily News.

Yes Howard, we all saw the intense left-wing bias in the media; CBS, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, LA Times, etc.. I'm glad you caught on.

He claimed television networks, especially the Fox News Channel, were most to blame for the rise in flash and entertainment. He even suggested his now infamous "scream speech" after the Iowa Caucuses was partially a media fabrication, as it appealed to entertainment instead of news value. Thomas also acknowledged a slight liberal bias in the media, though he said reporters usually search for objectivity.

The "scream speech" was taped and played accurately. There was no media fabrication. None was needed. That was you, Howard. That was your true self, and it scared people. It showed you as the far left-wing psychopath that you are. Fox News, according to various polls, was the fairest of the networks regarding pro and con stories relating to the candidates. Even Evan Thomas acknowledges a left-wing bias. Accurate reporting sucks, doesn't it Howard?

As far as solutions to Dean's gripes, the former Vermont governor said it's necessary to ensure diversity, and cap corporate ownership of media companies, even to the point of federal regulation.
"[The media] are incapable of regulating themselves," Dean said. "What's at stake is our democracy. If you think that American democracy can survive without an ethical media, then you are wrong."

This is the scariest thing yet. For a government to gain control of the populace, it must first take over the media. This is an assault on the first amendment. Howard Dean wants the government to control the media, like China, Russia, and all the other communist countries. This is clearly a communistic philosophy and must not be ignored. The far left would control talk radio right now if it could. We must take all precautions against this from happening. I'm sure blogging would not be far behind. I suggest everyone start talking about this and bring it out in the open. We must not let this one slip by.

The Yale Daily News says Dean received a standing ovation from the crowd of about 200 who attended the symposium.

Potential future leaders of this country are in this crowd giving him a standing ovation. I don't know what's worse, Howard Dean proposing government control of the media, or the idiots in the audience agreeing with him. It's time to take a stand.
totalkaosdave, 6:10 PM