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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Democrats Just Don't Get It

On the home front, the Dems are continuing to show why they are out of touch with mainstream Americans and lost the election. We all know, unless you live under a rock or listen to Air America, that Social Security will be bankrupt by 2034 or so. For those of us that have 30 or more years to retirement, we will not receive any social security benefits.

So what should we do? We have the retirees, for whom our social security witholdings are going, and we have the future retirees who are paying for someone else's retirement. Do we keep things the same and deplete the bank for the future, or do we attempt to fix it now?

President Bush wants to fix it now. He believes the individual can better protect his future than the government. He believes the individual can make the right choices, and that they don't need government intervention. This is a basic difference between Republicans and Democrats.

Dems, on the other hand, do not believe the individula can or will make the right choices concerning thier own lives. They do not have faith in the individual. They believe the government should tell you what to do and how to manage your own money.

Now the Dems are digging their feet in. They do not want to fix the problem. Why? Because it will weaken their power. Social security has been an issue the Dems have used to their advantage. How many presidential races have we had in which the Dems say that the Republicans will steal your social security? They were doing it in Florida this year. It is a scare tactic they use on the elderly for their own means. If social security is fixed, it takes away that tactic. The Dems will try to keep the status quo for social security, NOT to benefit the elderly, but rather to keep their power. They will do this to the detriment of the country as a whole.

Nancy Pelosi is now pulling the strings in Congress for the Dems. Here is some highlights:

EMBARGOED-Democrats vow to protect Social Security

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democrats vowed Saturday to protect the Social Security retirement program from "privatization" by President Bush and his Republican allies, who expanded their congressional majorities in elections this week.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, House minority leader, said Democratic lawmakers would work with Bush where they could during his second term, but Social Security was an issue on which they differed with the president.

"Democrats will stand our ground," she declared in the party's weekly radio address.

"Democrats have always protected Social Security and we will continue to do so," the California Democrat said.

Yes Nancy, Democrats have always looked out for THEMSELVES nad THEIR POWER. Now in this time of a social security crisis, and at a time the country has rejected the Democratic Party, I'm glad to see the Democrats play politics as usual.

Democrats just don't get it.
totalkaosdave, 1:34 PM